I am a sophomore

(High school, not college)

Public education most of my life

Smart and bookish enough to be an


(I don't care – much

I'm used to it)

Like I said

I read

A lot

That's where I got my social conditioning

One of the things I learned reading

Grown-ups believe teenagers can't love

So I've never


Told anyone this, ever

I'm in love with my friend


I know

Teens can't love

Guess what

We can

Your heart doesn't care how old you are

When it finds its other half

It finds it

No second-guessing –

That's for the brain –

No questions asked

Your heart doesn't ask permission

To fall this hard

Maybe I should define love

It's generally considered an emotion

I think that's wrong

I think love is the way you feel when

Someone else's happiness is more important

Than your own


You'd do almost anything for that person

If it meant they'd smile at you

I think love is that.