Silence in sound

Hear it as the world goes round.

Listen close

Don't dare miss a beat:

Because in silence, there's bliss.


Now there's rumour of a revolution

(revolution revolution!)

brewing in the west.

Now there's talk of a coming conclusion

(solution solution!)

to all the crisis.


But time goes on

and no change can be seen

(everything is still a dream.)

So set on making a better future,

We forget to make a better today

So set on making our children's lives better

(the youth of today, leaders of tomorrow!)

That our children think exactly the same way


Rise up, it's time for revolution.

(revolution revolution!)

around the world and in the west.

Come on, time to find a conclusion.

(solution solution!)

to all the crisis.

No more time to talk,

Because time is up.

Ductape the mouths of politicians

Silence is bliss, ignorance is not.