Chapter 9

So I knew what Kyle was, he was a vampire, a vampire that I couldn't help but wish was mine. Scratching my head I groaned. Why had this have to happen to me? Why couldn't I fall for a perfectly normal boy that didn't suck blood for a living?

Pulling my hair back into a clip I glanced at my reflection.

"There's no way he would be interested in you anyway. You aren't his type."

I groaned as I noticed the time, it was time to go to prison. At least it seemed like prison to me.

Pulling on my jacket I cringed, I hated the cold. Everything about it made me wish I had someone to hold me. Which was something I should never think about… ever.

I had no choice but to walk to school today, my dad had left early for the office. Dragging my feet I heard the low whine of a car as it pulled up next to me. Looking up I noticed that person in the driver's seat. Heat flowed into my cheeks I knew I must be blushing.

The automatic window lowered, exposing his beautiful face.

"Do you need a ride?"

I couldn't help but smile up at him. He always seemed to know just when I needed him. As I walked over to the passenger side I couldn't help but notice the way his smile wasn't touching his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

He didn't say anything as he pulled onto the road again. We drove in silence. It was killing me I had to know what was going on with him. Before I could say anything he opened his mouth and spoke. "My parents are sending someone here. They want me to show her around and stuff."

I froze in my seat. His parents were sending someone here? There was only one type of someone they would send.

"You mean, they're sending a vampire." I clarified. He nodded his head as he checked his blind spot.

"Yeah, her name is Mindy. She's a family friend."

I bit my lip when he said this. Why should it matter if his parents were sending a family friend here? It wasn't like they were sending her here to win over his heart…were they?

Kyle looked at me with concern written across his face.

"I won't let her hurt you Becca. I promise."

So, he was thinking that I was worried about their being another vampire in town because he thought I was scared about getting hurt. Man, did he have it wrong. I forced myself to smile.

"I know you will. Believe me it's no big deal that she's here. I mean, she's a family friend so I'm sure she has the same respect for humans like you do." I said this trying to keep my voice in check. I didn't need him worrying about me anymore then he did already. He was very sensitive to the fact that I was very much not immortal.

Pulling into the school parking lot I could see lots of people's faces turned towards us staring.

"I hate it when they do this." I mumbled as I opened the door, letting the cold breeze brush across my face.

Kyle was by my side without me even realizing it.

"I know; I'm sorry I'm doing this to you. They all think I'm some great guy—when in reality I'm the most dangerous one for them all."

Walking side by side we both endured the stares and speculations that were sure to be coming. Across the hall towards the B lockers I saw Abby. She hadn't spoken to me for a couple of days.

I felt pressure push on my hand. Looking up at Kyle he smiled sympathetically.

"I'm really sorry about Abby. I know you miss her."

I shook my head quickly, my light brown locks falling into my face, annoyed I pushed them out of the way so I could see him clearly.

"She's the one that couldn't accept you, I don't regret what happened. You're my best friend in this whole world," lowering my voice I continued, "even if you live forever."

Kyle smirked as he rolled his eyes.

"You don't fail to astonish me." He froze in his steps suddenly. His focus was in the direction of the front office. I tried to see what he was seeing but I knew it was hopeless. It was time to get those dreaded glasses I've been putting off.

"What is it?"

Kyle didn't answer as he took my hand, I'm sure he noticed how my heart sped up at the touch.

"She's here already? This isn't making any sense." He muttered as he dragged me down the hall with him towards the office. I was thoroughly confused then it clicked. She's here. The girl vampire that was a "family friend."

When he stopped it was unexpected, I smacked right into him, and in record speed he caught me before I could fall to the ground.

"Next time, warn me when you're going to stop." I snapped as I smoothed my hair back into place.

Our scene in the hall must have drawn attention. I looked behind me and sure enough everyone was quiet and staring. I made a face at one of the people and they turned away from me.

There was a squeaky noise indicating that the door to the front office opened and closed. Taking deep breaths I got myself ready to meet his friend. Breaking my eyes away from the hallway I gasped. The girl standing in front of us was gorgeous. Her light turquoise eyes stared at me with curiosity, her blonde hair ran straight down to the middle of her back. She was taller than me, which wasn't hard, but even so, she wore high heels and Kyle was still taller than her.

Her finger nails where polished and clean, showing the class of wealth along with all the expensive cloths she wore. She took her turquoise eyes off me to look up at Kyle.

"Well…I see you've made…friends,"

Did she just hiss? Why is it such a bad thing to have friends? This girl really must hate me…but what did I do to her?

Kyle's eyes went hard any trace of happiness gone, if there was any to begin with.

"You're here early. Why are you enrolling in school?"

The beautiful girl shrugged her flawless shoulders.

"You're parents asked me to keep an eye on you. Since they know you haven't come very far for doing the job they sent you here for."

Kyle's eyes flew to me then just as quickly away. That made the girl smile.

"Is it because you have feelings?" she taunted.

Kyle physically tensed up. I looked up at him not sure what to think of all this. What was this girl talking about? What did his parents send him here to do? Obviously there were still things I didn't know about.

"Are you going to introduce us?" the girl asked calmly.

"I wasn't planning on it." Was his flat response.

She then turned her turquoise eyes back to me.

"I'm Mindy."

I nodded my head. "I know that, he told me you were coming." I was surprised at how my voice had taken on a frightened note. Why was that? I wasn't scared of her…right?

She smiled politely; I could tell it was a mask.

"What's your name since you seem to know mine?"

I looked up at Kyle, trying to see if there was anything in his expression that would tell me that was a bad choice. I didn't see anything, his face was blank.


Her smile grew.

"It certainly is nice to meet you Rebekah. I think we'll end up getting to know each other very well."

I let my eyes fall down to my sneakers.

"I'll be seeing you soon." she whispered to Kyle. I looked up to see her run her hand down his arm. Jealously fused through me like a circuit board. She was touching him! Defiantly not a family friend, this girl wanted more from him then that.

Her eyes snapped to me. The look she gave me made me feel like she was reading into my head or something extremely creepy. I staggered back, away from her. Kyle looked from her to me. He hissed something so fast I couldn't catch it.

Fire lit in her eyes and I knew she knew…this was war between me and her. Kyle walked to my side and took a hold of my arm. He began to walk away caring me in tow with him. When I could force myself to look away from the strange Mindy he spoke.

"I'm so sorry about her. I don't know what's gotten into her."

"What's the thing your parents sent you here for?" my voice was quiet and when a locker slammed next to me I jumped.

Kyle looked away from me. I was still looking forward, almost like I was in a trance.

"Can we talk about something else?"

I bit my lip, so he didn't want to tell me why he was sent here. He didn't trust me after how long I've kept his secret and how I've covered for him.

"Sure, so…how did your paper go that is due in English?"

He brightened at the fact that I let the issue drop. He began to talk about his paper while I zoned out. He didn't seem to notice unless he was just so relieved that it didn't bother him that I wasn't saying anything in return.

The image of Mindy wouldn't leave my mind. The way she looked at me…the way I felt violated now. Nothing was making much sense anymore—it was like I lost a part of myself suddenly…

As we entered the classroom he held the door open for me. Reaching up slowly I reached to touch him…but then I let my hand fall. There wasn't any way I could win him when the girl that was after him as well was so beautiful.

I didn't wait to see his reaction; I walked to my assigned seat and lowered myself into it. The class began and it all seemed to fly by without me. I just couldn't seem to concentrate. The only image I could see was Mindy and Kyle…together.

After class Kyle stayed by my side as usual. In the way he walked I knew he could tell something was upsetting me and making me shaky. But I didn't let it bother me. There was no reason for him to know what was going on in my head. It was the only place I didn't feel like someone was judging me.

"Becca…are you going to talk to me?"

I brought my eyes up from the floor. He looked wounded and sad about things I probably couldn't understand.

"Sure, what do you want to talk about?"

He cocked his head to the left.

"You're acting different, what's going on?"

I bit my lip as I looked away from him. He walked faster than me and suddenly stopped right in my path, forcing me to stop in order not to run into him.

"What's going on? If something happened…you need to tell me."

For some reason unknown to me I couldn't bring myself to tell him about what had gone on with Mindy. Usually I would tell him but for some reason I felt that if I did then something terrible would happen. I pasted my best smile on my face.

"Nothing is going on. I'm just having a hard time trying to concentrate on things, that's all. Really, don't worry about it."

Kyle looked skeptical but he said nothing more about it for the rest of the day. As the school day drew to a close I was surprised to find him outside my last class. I looked up at him curiously.

"Don't you have to be with a family friend of yours?"

He shrugged his shoulders.

"Just because she's here doesn't mean I have to stop spending time with you."

This made my heart swell with pride, he was picking me over her…but for how long?

"You seem surprised. Why would you? You're my first real friend here…the only one that knows everything about me."

I looked down at the floor at the smudge mark that was there, I only looked up when I heard him groan.

"Now I know something is terribly wrong. You never act this way normally. Is it because she's in town now? I won't let her hurt you I promise." Kyle said desperately, as he reached out and held both my hands.

I looked at our grasping hands. The coldness of his skin made me feel in control of myself. I closed my eyes, trying to memorize the feeling that coursed through me. Just when I was going to open my mouth to tell him what happened she came into view. I saw her and our eyes made contact.

If you know what's smart you won't tell him a thing, you hear me? The look she was giving me made me shiver. She was talking to me in my mind…

I swallowed and smiled sweetly at Kyle.

"Like I said before nothing is wrong. I think I'm just overtired or something minor like that."

Kyle leaned back slightly from me. I could see the confusion cloud over his eyes. He knew I was about to tell him something…this wouldn't do.

No it won't. You need to make him not suspect anything. Now…I think you need to rethink your friendship with him. I know you know everything and don't you dare think I'd hesitate to turn him in. You know what happens when one of our kind tells a human don't you? Hmm…well that's right. He will be put to death and it will be entirely you're fault. Do you really want to live the rest of your life with that regret?

Kyle's hand went up and touched my cheek.

"What are you thinking so hard about? I know you well enough to know when you're battling with something."

My eyes focused back on his.

"I'm just worried about my math exam. I've never really been that good with math, as you know. I just don't know what I'll do if I fail this test."

"C'mon, we'll go study." He took a hold of my hand and he turned around. Once he did so his eyes locked with Mindy's.

"How long have you been standing there?" He asked, his voice full of malice.

Mindy broke out into flirty laughter.

"Oh Kyle you are so silly. I haven't been here long at all. I was just heading to the parking lot when I noticed you two and I thought I'd come by and see if the two of you would like to go catch a movie or something?" she replied smoothly.

My eyes narrowed when she spoke. I tugged lightly on my hand and Kyle's eyes flashed.

"No we can't. I promised I'd help her study for a test."

"Math right? I need some help in that area too. Why don't we all study together?"

I've never wanted to scream more than in that moment. Why couldn't she just get the clue and take a hike?

Kyle shifted his weight.

"Actually Mindy…Rebekah and I really wanted to spend some time together without anyone interrupting us."

Her eyes flashed again and I had to blink twice to see if I was only imagining it.

"Oh…so you want to uh…" she trailed off suggestively.

Kyle stiffened next to me. I looked up at him in confusion. What had she meant? I didn't think it was a big deal if he wanted to spend time alone. Then his words entered my mind. "Every time I'm alone with you it hurts…I can't explain it." I smiled at him, "You mean to say I'm irresistible." "Yes…that is exactly what you are."

I felt Mindy's eyes on me so I turned to looking at her.

Wow…I'm surprised you didn't put two and two together. Of course I'd like to think the only reason he wants to be alone with you is because you smell so good. I'm sure the pounding of your blood makes his mouth water. You torture him every time he is around you. It's even worse when you two are alone because he knows it would be so easy than…so simple.

I cringed away from her. Kyle's eyes flashed to mine than quickly back at Mindy. His mouth tightened as he reached out and placed his hand in mine.

"Rebekah let's go. I'll see you later Mindy, have fun in town. I'm sure you'll find pleasure in shopping."

He then turned around and pulled me through the doors leading to the outside world, and freedom.

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