Chapter 1

Busy dirt consumed cars crowded the cracked cobble stone streets of a city. Enveloped in trash and the misfortune souls who couldn't provide for themselves. In the mist of this over crowding people continued to work and perform their regular duties completely ignoring the "untouchables" of their society. These outward gestures didn't seem to bother the outcast much since they ran the old tenements once rented by the high arcs of their quant community. Resting inside was a town within a city complete with a small council arraigning a dangerous alien guest. The large room was encompassed by primitive oil lanterns making the room burn orange. An immense judge style bench stretched from one side of the room to the other only to be met by two statues of the gods Lokz and Donra. On the bench were ten councilmen consisting of four women and six men all in silk black robes only making it harder to see them in the dimly lit room.

"Aiya," said the man on trail.

"Do you know what your being charged with what's your name...Gonzo," said a man who seemed to be the head council man with his dark green hair floating just above his shoulders. His cold black eyes never left Gonzo's cat like ones and became even more flustered when he hid himself in the makeshift burrow of his high collared vest. "You have been charged with reckless endangerment, disturbing the peace, and battery of a councilman." Gonzo shot a look to the far left side of the council bench that towered a story overhead to a young man in his twenties with an irregularly plump face. When their eyes met the young man cringed and quickly look at a near by statue as if examining it. He shifted his attention back to the head councilman who had been uttering something about consequences he would have to face

"BAKA!" he shouted at the council man who was taken back by Gonzo's sudden out burst, but he quickly regained his morale and his wide eyes become sharp and aggressive.

"Now you see hear I will not be treated one of the little miscreants you just pummel into your will. I hold status in this community and should be treated as such. Just because you are willing to throw away your life for a quick thrill doesn't mean we'll let you, and don't you dare get smart with me when you are reprimanded for it. GOT IT!" yelped the councilman who had become a frightening red. His crimson face seemed to devour the room suffocating the bewildered Gonzo whose only refuge was to look down upon the cracked cement of the old floor. "Hmm... well it seems I've gotten through to you, finally, maybe I will take your obvious reconciliation into account when I administer your punishment. But before I do, do you have any last words. To plead your case, of course?" asked the councilman.

"Yes," said Gonzo with true compassion and sorrow in his voice, "May I know your name?" he asked as his voice dwindled with every passing syllable. The councilman was perplexed by Gonzo's sudden change of heart but didn't treat him as any less of a threat.

"My name is Cain, but why do you ask," said Cain as he signaled the guards to pay closer attention to the prisoner. Big mistake. Gonzo had been looking for an opportunity for the less than capable guards to get close so he would have a much lower margin of error. Both were well above 6'0" but lanky and malnourished. Quickly rising from his knees he delivered a kick to the first guard's neck sending him reeling. Not to forget the other a powerful roundhouse closed the book on him witnessing the end of the scuffle. Coming back to his senses the first guard came full speed at Gonzo. Bad move. He swiftly countered and spun around the guard's back to connect with another kick to the neck making sure not to hold back. The guards body went limp and slammed to the ground but not before Gonzo sprinted for the council bench. Cain beamed at him as he wasted not time hoisting himself up the bench through the use of its time carved dents. Finally reaching the top he lunged at Cain. "Kiss my ass you high arc of the trash world Cain BAKA!" said Gonzo only to be met by a hidden guard and hit in the neck by a hard blunt object. The world around him began spinning and he quickly fell and hit the ground next to Cain who was wearing a celebratory smile.

"No one attacks me remember that," said Cain. Thoughs were the last words uttered before a complete black out.

-- Gray Water --

Gonzo squinted due to the sudden bright light not to mention the massive headache from the unknown crack to the head. Dust covered him camouflaging his body with the pitiful world around him. Still reeling he forced himself up and tried to at least make out the silhouette of objects around him. Nudging at his left leg was a tattered box filled with an old gray mother and her newly born kittens. The usually uncompassionate Gonzo felt humbled by the creatures and lightly stroked the mother's thinning gray coat. Purring softly Gonzo drifted into his own tangled thoughts and why he was still of the living.

Hmm why didn't they kill me when they had the chance. What was going through their heads. They had to have known I would come after them. Unless that was the whole purpose to get me to comeback. But for what, to do or see what

Coming upon this revelation caused Gonzo to involuntarily squeeze the old feline who clinched onto his index finger. His flinching and tending to his finger was enough for the cat to proudly fall back to sleep leaving her kittens to her milk.

"Dumb BAKA," yelped Gonzo as he contemplated on where in the metropolis he had been delivered. Primitive automobiles whizzed by kicking up dust that muddled stores selling miscellaneous products. Customers swarmed the counters and countless others shoved by Gonzo.

"Now the only problem is getting back to that councilman," said Gonzo who immediately began walking with the flow of traffic.

I know it's in the Nika District but I don't know where in this city that is. I don't even know where I am now. Aiya.

Gonzo continued down the road by the momentum of the sea of people and is let off with a rough stumble to be faced with a conundrum.

So do I go for the wall of people again or a shadowed area in a city I don't know.

He never made the decision for himself as a man stumbled out of the hustling crowd. Gonzo turned to see the cubby middle aged man who was dusting off his maroon robe.

"Hey do you know how I can get to the Nika District from here," said Gonzo. The man's attention quickly turned to Gonzo and he seized movement before diving back into the crowd. "What the...BAKA!" As the last word left his lips two local government officers carrying old style pistols spilled from the crowd and sprinted for their young cat eyed target.

"Seize movement or you will be shot!" yelled the first officer.

"Huh?" said Gonzo. The officers never missed stride and their culprit wasn't about to stick around to find out there reasons for pursuing him running into the darkness of the alleyway his eyes focused enough to make out the silhouette of the alleyway environment and turned into a small side alley. The pursuers quickly ran pass him but stop suddenly realizing that he had cut off somewhere. Gonzo swiftly ran up to the unsuspecting guards and sent the first reeling with a jumping roundhouse into a row of garbage cans. A shot was fired signaling the second officers presence. Gonzo rolled into coverage behind a pile of boxes trying to make out an image of the officer while also conceiving a plan to get close to him.

"This is fucking crazy. ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAS HOW TO GET TO THE NIKA DISTRICT!" yelled Gonzo. His voice echoed throughout the alleyway sending the officer into sporadic fire. Gonzo took it as a chance and burst through the boxes using his body as a shield, and the ten feet that separated them created two bullet wounds in his left arm. Clinching onto his collar he drove the officer head first into a mixture of turds and alien insects. " Now your gonna tell me where the Nika District is," said Gonzo whose assailant was gasping for as much air as he was allowed but ignored Gonzo's question. "If you don't trust me I will snap your neck," immediately the officer relayed directions to Gonzo who let him go and went sprinting for his answer. The trek took him all of three hours and as he turned the corner of his destination he was greeted by emptiness. Empty streets, building, everything was eerily quiet. The thing that intrigued Gonzo the most was a small stone shack. Its small frame had an appeal to Gonzo that somehow drew him inside. He found himself face with a chair and two worn cupboards.

"Aiya I thought I would find something in here," said Gonzo, as he turned to head out a gust of wind nicks the back of his neck. "Huh...what was," he said as he rushed over to the wall supporting the cupboards. Upon further examination an incision was found. He looked peered through it to a dimly lit room on the other side with a large group of people.

What the hells going on in there!

He soon got his answer as the wall pushed in from him and shifted to the left leaving a new gaping whole in and an entire crowd's attention on him. Two guards that he recognized quickly stepped through the crowd and halted ten feet away from Gonzo.

"Cain has been awaiting your return," said one guard.

"Really how did he know that I would come back," said Gonzo smugly.

"I don't know and truthfully I could care less all he told us is when you come back to ask you to come and speak with him," said the guard. Gonzo walked up to the guards.

"Hmm... okay show the way," said Gonzo as he walked behind the guards who were making their way through the crowd. As he followed them his eyes caught his new surroundings. Their little meeting was being held in an old building whose floors had been worn through to the top floor full of people on each ledge. "You guys like to do things big don't you," They continued to pay him no attention and continued shifting through the crowd. As the crowd began to thin he could see they were heading far, a petite man wielding a metal staff, accompanied by 10 cumbersome men. The guards stopped right outside of the other end of the crowd and Gonzo would have as well if he didn't see who the ring leader was.

"Cain you bastard how've you been," said Gonzo trying to hold back his anguish. Cain strode over to Gonzo struck him with the metal pole and without a word went back to his past beside his wall of muscle leaving Gonzo to struggle against the will of the two guards. His struggles ceased as two cold pistol barrels met the back of his neck. "Did you bring me here to smack me around or a more important reason?"

"Hitting you was only to show you how that I will always have more power than you that no one will ever disrespected me and get that close to me again," said Cain, Gonzo quickly realized the Cain he had met at the council was gone and had been replaced by one who was only content with his status being unblemished and to be feared.

"Then what was this little reunion about?" asked Gonzo. Cain smiled making Gonzo's stomach turn.

"Although I can't stand you I need you for what I am planning with this metropolis." said Cain.

"And what might that be?" asked Gonzo.

"I'm planning on taking this place and making it mine," said Cain.

"Don't you already run this place you're a councilman?" asked Gonzo with a confusion stretched across his face.

"Ha not this simple little district I mean this entire metropolis of Margerie," said Cain. Gonzo looked off in disbelief now realizing what this meeting of the town trash was for; they were going to take over the city. "You see every building on this block, which spans about five miles, is filled to the brim with people who share my vision of taking a city that shamed us for the things they wouldn't give us or help us all achieve. They can all hear what I'm stating here and we equal approximately two-thirds of the total population in this city," said Cain.

"And what does this have to do with me," said Gonzo more and more anxious to get out of the building.

"Well I'm glad you asked you have a very important job for you. I want you to join us and fight against the slugs the keep us pinned down," said Cain.

"And what would I get out of it?" asked Gonzo.

"Well half of the city to rule as you see fit," said Cain.

"Hmm seems tempting, but us an army of outcast against an organized militia I know a city like this has," said Gonzo.

"Aye we've taken that into account and have an arsenal though not as great as the militia will do the job," said Cain.

"Well it seems you've thought this through," said Gonzo as he approached Cain pistols ready to fire upon the slightest sin of aggression. "But I guess you could have a point and the position would give me a lot of leverage." Gonzo patted Cain on the shoulder and they met each other with a smile. "So I guess were partners."

"Really you are an asset to this battle," said Cain beaming in accomplishment as his people cheered in triumph for having such a strong ally.

"Oh I didn't mean we were partners in your cause," said Gonzo quickly disabling Cain and strangling him with the metal pole. "I'm going to use you to get out of the fucking city." The room became erratic as people rushed to save their leader while others pushed them back for fear that he might be killed. Two shots were fired and the crowd began to settle with all eyes upon Gonzo. "Now now people your wonderful leader won't be harmed just as long as I get out of here safely. So please open a path for me." Almost immediately a pathway leading back into the small shed was opened and as he passed through eyes burned into the back of his neck. The sun's rays streamed across the two of them seeming to loosen Gonzo's vice like grip.

"Why are you doing this I offered you a half of this entire metropolis," said Cain.

"BULLSHIT! Don't be stupid even if you could take over this metropolis you know during the fight they would focus on the top fighters first. Taking me out of the picture," said Gonzo realizing that Cain's silence had ruined his plan. "Now I'll let you go but if I see anyone come after me I will alert the city and have them raid your little party." Gonzo released Cain who took a few moments to get his breathe back and before he returned to his rebel army his eyes met with Gonzo's once more.

"You truly are a formidable opponent," said Cain. Gonzo Smiled showing his mutual respect before punching him in his jaw. " Now that ends your record of never being hit," he said before sprinting down the empty streets of the Nika District.

-- Gray Water --

"I left the city and haven't been here since," said Gonzo as his dark blue hair swayed in the strong wind. His companions hand rested on the handle of his knightly sword kept in a gun reminiscent sheathe. A black tuxedo with tattered ends lay upon his black leather shoes. Blonde locks half covered his gray eyes and the scar on his left cheek. "After I left I found out that they had actually taken over but had lost their leadership of Cain and this place fell into total anarchy and soon the state government saw this place as a danger to their ideal life and killed off everyone here."

"So then why are we passing through here if it's a hot spot," said his companion.

"This place hasn't been under surveillance for two years. Plus I had a feeling of nostalgia. Remember this is all going to change when we destroy the government or have you forgotten Jackson." said Gonzo smiling at his stoic companion walking down the once crowded streets of a forgotten metropolis a gray cat scurried across the debris of shattered glass on a cracked pavement.