Ok, now that I have your undivided attention…Hey every body!! Lemme say this, I am really happy with the feedback of this story. Imma really proud!

This is indeed my first fiction whom which has passed over one chapter without being discontinued.

I just wanna clear some things up. This story is indeed with monsters, and is not in earth, but another planet. This planet does have humans co-existing in it though, which is the reason why Esmeralda is able to be pregnant w/ a vampire.

And another thing is, Esmeralda is indeed a main character, but she is not the focus of the romance or idea, it's the son. I put Esmeralda's struggle first though. She is like the prologue of how such a wonderful man came to be

This story was greatly influenced by romeo and Juliet (thank you William!) and if you do indeed see a hint of remeo and Juliet angsty goodness, or sexiness, you know where I got it, and hopefully don't think I am copying. This story is a very nice one and if you are reading it, I hope you enjoy and don't get disappointed.

If any one is interested in Esmeralda's story of how she came to be and what-not. That is a story of romance I have also worked on, but will publish into FP later, but I have started on it. I do feel that her POV is just as important.

Thank you so much for choosing this stoy, and it must have been really hard to endure an A/N cuase I hate them with a burning passion too. If I said I didn't I would be a big hypocrite. Again, thank you and enjoy,

Sue (life's a bore)