The only difference between this morning and other mornings was that when I first woke up, it was dead silent. I knew before I even opened my eyes that there were no birds, their songs could be annoying in the morning, but the absence altogether was more than eerie. It seemed as if the world, or mine, at least, had become a soundproof bubble, there was no scamper of chipmunks, no movement of the leaves, not even a hollow whisper of the wind. For a moment, I was undeniably happy. Because for a moment I believed I was somewhere else, and that was beautiful. Maybe you have some form of heaven drawn out in your mind, something you contemplate in the dying hours of night when it's too early to be dawn or maybe you don't. But what you do have is some sort of belief, whether it may be nirvana reincarnation, purgatory, hell..or maybe nothing at all. I had given up any thoughts of an afterlife decades ago, since I didn't need one. But, when I first opened my eyes I thought, this must be it.

I was nearly blinded by the light reflecting off all of the ivory, pure in every way. It took a few moments before certain shapes began to make sense, and even then it was difficult to distinguish general details. I blinked a few times, waiting for some specter to greet me or something to occur. But then the chill in my bones and paws began to register and a raging gust of icy air rushed at my face, almost freezing my eyelids shut. A pitiful whimper escaped me as I for the millionth time over damned Aurora, and I opened my eyes once again.

Snow, I remember this. ..Why snow?

I could only begin to guess what games she was up to, the breeze had settled as quickly as it had come and I was once again left in a silent icy world. Not heaven. Well, that was what you got as a dreamer. I slowly stood and shook the snow that had managed to accumulate on my fur along with my mild disappointment, and I could still feel it caked in a thin layer of ice. Wonderful. I licked my lips and walked out from under the gargantuan Douglass that I usually slept under and into the open. I had to squint to take it all in, the sky was an overcast gray, but the snow was still unnaturally bright, sparkling without any sun. I breathed deeply, awakening my lungs and I couldn't detect any particular scent other than the crisp cold. Hmm, maybe no one is up yet.

Rise and shine guys.

I raised my maw to that opaque, meaningless sky, ready to release the morning call and rally The Pack, to warn those of Adalia that yes, we were out and watching. Us, yes, us, Aurora's bound slaves, her pups, her guard was out and about for another day of soul searching. It was almost pitiful how I longed to see the sun during the morning call, to look up and be blinded. It was like waiting for that one unreliable boy to call. I was lucky considering how long I'd been here, that I still remembered the sun. The bright fiery ball in the sky that would scald your skin. I ached and still did.

I hadn't uttered a sound before someone took the chance from me, miles away in the west. My head snapped to the right, looking towards the expanse of feeble, frozen trees. The howl seemed to attempt to fill the void of this icy Adalia, but was like a rain drop falling into a riverbed. This was seen as extremely rude, to make any outburst before morning call. That was, unless it was a summons from Aurora.

Well, mustn't keep princess waiting.

With a graceful turn I took off at a quick lope, my paws digging into the icy snow begrudgingly, towards the west.