I laughed in histerics as his weight tackled me onto the cold, and yes, very hard ground as I held the football out of reach. We rolled, occasionally me elbowing him in odd places, until I called a truce, tossing the ball aside from us.

Our chests rose up and down, us breathing heavily in the cool brisk air of autumn. I love autumn weather, it was the best.

Silence, except for the cars driving by on the nearby street and the usual sound of people passing by. I propped myself up on my elbows, glancing over at him.

He had a slight smile on his face that I could die for. A smile that seemed to be so genuine that you would doubt it's authenticy. He was wearing the blue, almost faded, hoodie I had gotten him when I went to the Notre Dame game. I figured it would cheer him up since he wasn't able to go that day.

And I was right. He wore it religiously.

He must of noticed that I was staring because his gaze shifted to me.

"What?" he asked, smiling lazily.

"Oh, nothing. You just look like a dork." I replied, playfully pushing him.

He scoffed. "Hardly, compared to you at least. You're the biggest dork I have ever known."

"God, you're lucky I like you so much or I might have to take action against you for that one." I joked.

Then there was his laugh. It was like, well, it made my ears happy, if that made sense at all.

"You wouldn't do anything, trust me."

"How would you know? Am I that predictable?" I muttered, pretending to be hurt.

He shrugged. "You bet."

"Hey! You're supposed to disagree, not agree with me. See, that's why you're a dork. Always having to ruin my moments."

He smirked. "Oh, what do you mean by moments?"

The expression he had on his face now I'd never seen before. His eyes were almost shining as they lit up.

"Well," I said, "You know where they have those cute, lovey moments in movies, usually before two people kiss?"

He nodded.

"Yeah, well you ruined mine." I said, half joking as I began to lift myself off of the ground. As quick as I had gotten up, he was up too, standing extremely close within my personal bubble.

"Um..." I started, looking up directly at him, his blue eyes catching mine.

He laughed softly, pulling me even closer, if possible, before leaning down. I was short, mind you, compared to his tall frame of 5'8.

I breathed in sharply, preparing for the moment I knew was about to come. My palms were clamy and on cue, I closed my eyes.

His breath was warm against my lips and suddenly, his made contact with mine.

I could have melted at that very moment. Melted like the witch in wizard of oz. Melted like chocolate in a microwave. Oh god.

"I'm sorry I ruined your moment, does this make up for it?"

I groaned, laughing at his words, "Yes, it does."

"Am I still a dork?" he questioned, his lips still hovering by mine.


"Your favorite?"

"My one and only favorite." I assured him and he chuckled, placing his lips to mine once again.

Kissing Drew Anderson couldn't compare to anything. Warm blankets from a dryer. Finding money in your pockets. Push up bras. The last day of school. Hot, home-made chocolate chip cookies. Yes, not even cookies.

It probably was the best feeling in the whole wide world. But of course, not everything has a happy ending because unfortunately, something happened...

I lost my best friend. I lost the boy I loved. I lost my Drew.

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