Take It or Leave It

I have for you
A simple request:
Take my heart
And run with it.
Please take it away,
And bury it far,
Keep it hidden in the depths
Of cold soil.
And leave it there.

But if you love it
And think it may be saved,
Then take it
And keep it safe somewhere,
But please don't
Let me know.
I'd rather it a funeral
Than a rebirth,
For being born again,
Means it'll die again.

If you do not love it so,
Then send it to the earth.
Dig a hole as far down
As you possibly can
And do not drop it--
Throw it.
With all the force you have,
Throw it down.
Make it quick, so the
Breaking isn't as painful.
Don't look at it again,
But rather cover it
And leaved the grave unmarked.
I will not want
To see it again.

But if you love it,
Then treat it tenderly
As it is wounded now.
Cradle it like an infant new
Keep it warm and safe.
Heal the scars and the cuts,
And teach it that it's okay
To beat and to feel
Because it has become afraid
To try.
Treat it well,
Teach it to love again.

I yearn for the end of
All this misery,
Whether my heart shall die
Or sail once more upon the sky.

I hand my heart to you
With a pair of rivers running
At flood stages.
I hand it over with shaking hand
And quivering lip.
I do not want it...
Maybe you do.

Such a neglected thing
An object so large, so pristine
A crystalline heart
In a dark and heavy chest
Within the body of a twisted soul.
How did this lovely gem
Come to fall into such neglectful hands
As mine?

It feels so much emotion.
It has so much affection.
It gives so much attention
But cracks with imperfection.

I have for you a simple request.

Upon my sleeve,
The fragile gemstone heart
And all it holds within.
I give it to you forever,

Take it or leave it.