Thank God for asmtha,
because when you can't breathe,
you can't cry.

And everything is fine.

It's not her fault they don't love her
It's not her fault that she can't breathe
It's not her fault that they don't love her
Not her fault in the least.

At least that's what she's told, but that doesn't make it true.
She didn't ask to be born, she didn't ask for much,
it's not her fault her heart and lungs sit collecting dust.

A.N. I have this preoccupation with breathing. I thinks it's because I have asmtha and that when I get scared my lungs are the first thing to give in.

This is rather old, sophomore year of high school. I kinda like the idea of the Doll-Girl. I carried her over to a lot of my other stuff. Doll-Girl usually ends up the victim. Whether the antagonist is herself or another person.

Also, I'm pretty sure this was a song that I lost the rest of the words for because I remember writing something about welts and 'Theses bruises only mean she cares'. So, if I ever find/remember the rest of the words, I'll be sticking it up here.