"Ladies and Gentlemen. Allow me to announce the hottest band in town. In only a few moments they'll be walking on the stage. and here they are! The Jonas Brothers!"

the announcer rung out as we walked out on stage. Joe jogged up to the microphone waiting for his voice to ring out to the awaiting crowd. Kevin took his place at the microphone at stage left as I took my place at stage right trying to avoid looking directly into the light. "Hey! How y'all doing tonight?" Joe said. He received a bunch of screaming from what seemed to be millions of teenage girls, some even in elementary. I chuckled silently. Here we were back in Texas, and his accent was already starting to show. It wouldn't last. Tomorrow, we would be leaving for Los Angeles once again for a break; a break of normality. Well, as normal as our lives could get.

"Then let's get this started!" he yelled back to the crowd. That was our queue to start our first song Mandy, one of our first hits. The concert went on. At the end of it, the crowd stood jumping up and down, some even crying. I looked about the crowd of screaming girls and "Marry me Joe" posters. I glanced past the " I love you Nick!" posters and the glittering " Mrs. Kevin Jonas" banners. I loved the fans that we had. They were the reason we continued our career. They were our support and encouragement. We played for them, for our family as well. It was only occasionally I would be disappointed to not see a familiar face beaming back at me. It was sometimes hard to do my job. I loved it most of the time, but sometimes when on stage singing about six minutes to get to know a girl, I'd rather be back home on the couch watching some Saturday night movie like Runaway Jury or The Bourne Ultimatum. There were some days I wanted to live a normal life.



"You should have been there Marian! It was absolutely amazing! I was waving my "Marry Me Joe!" poster all over the place, and he waved at me! He waved at me! I couldn't believe it! and then when they were leaving on their tour bus, I chased after it and he blew me a kiss! Oh, it was absolutely amazing!....." I listened absent mindedly as my friend Mallory went on and on about the Jonas Brother concert while we sat at the island in the kitchen eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. She was what everyone except her would call obsessed. She was obsessed with the Jonas Brothers. She knew almost everything about every single one of them except Joe. She knew absolutely everything there as to know about him .Every time someone would call her obsessed to her face she would respond with her classic line of "Hey! I am not obsessed. I am in Love!" and with every utterance of "I'm in love!" she would get this dreamy look on her face and a misty glow in her eyes as she reached her hands up to heart and shrugged her shoulders with a deep breath as I would sigh and roll my eyes. Of course I liked their music, and they were great roll models for the little kids who listened to them, but I wouldn't consider any of them as my other half. They were celebrities to admire from afar. No one knew what they were like away from the flashing lights and cameras.

"...I don't know that I'm ever going to be able to see them again!" she sighed dramatically. I chuckled under my breath.

"Yes, their tour is now over, but you will see them again, especially if you keep going to their concerts as religiously as you have been. Not to mention there's always the possibility of seeing them on the street. This is where they live, this grand city of L.A. where cars are what you are dependent on, " I said a little bitterly.

"Is this animosity I sense?" she said to me, another one of her catch phrases she said every time I insulted the "GreatCity of Los Angeles". I had moved around a bit in my fifteen-sixteen years of living, and my least favorite place I had lived was L.A. simply for the fact you had outrageous pollution and awful traffic you couldn't avoid by walking like you could in New York, Manhattan Island, where I had moved from in order to go to the traffic capital of the U.S.A. My parents were script writers and went on location for inspiration. My sisters and I had gotten along just fine. They were both older than me. The oldest, Maureen, was graduated from Princeton and married to Mark, living in New York City, Manhattan Island to be exact, where Mark worked for the stock market on the infamous Wall Street. You know, where the bronze bull is in the middle of the street with tourists hanging all over it for half the day. She's the editor for the New York Times. They have two children, Gretchen and Peter, who are the sweetest kids anyone would ever meet. My other sister, Serena, was now at DallasUniversity working on her major in Art History. They seemed to turn out normal, but that only made my parents more anxious about how I would fare, thinking I may be the freak of the family and have to go to therapy for the rest of my life because of how unstable my family was and how we moved around too much to be good for me. The fact was, liked it. I had friends all over the country, and some even abroad. Many days I didn't mind, but every once in a while, usually when we were going to go to a new city, I would rather just stay in one place for a while and maybe forget what a moving box looked like.