Embrace Death

On days like today
When sorrows overcome me
Leaving me wishing for things
That can not be
I welcome death
Embracing it
With my every breath
Knowing my extreme sorrow
And never ending pain
Will never fully
Be laid to rest
For my condidante, my lover, my friend
Is forever lost
And the ever lasting cost
Is never again
To hear him say I love you
My heart feels shattered
And every hour the feeling grows
I try to go on and find someone new
Like you would wish me to
But I can't
For even though your gone
I can't move on
For I feel betrayed
When it isn't the same
Leaving me crawling back
Into the world I made
Where my sorrows are my friend
My sharp edge sword
Leading me to end
Where I am wishing for things
That can not be
Welcoming death
Embracing it with my every breath
But death doesn't embrace me
Leaving me drowning
In the never ending river of pain, unfree
Never again to be me