i don't want to get washed away but you are the ocean
(i see it in your eyes;
i see it behind your mind
you are expansive/obliterative ecstastatic waters calling:
come calling come drown yourself come drown yourself)
& you say to me, your ocean eyes can't help but say
"come drown yourself come drown yourself in this you are too self aware
think less of yourself think less of your heart think less
but think more of this"

and i agree, i know lately i ought to think less i should look less into myself and more into us i should look closer i should look farther i should watch for the ocean behind your eyes on the days when they match the sky, this ocean-matching sky that makes me think i will be an ocean someday; i will be my own ocean and if we meet, we meet,
mixing waters mixing salt & sand & seaweed but i will be an ocean;
i will be my own ocean and i will know what is myself.