My Country

Red, white, and blue
Moving in the breeze,
A symbol so simple,
Yet known across the seas.

We started from beginnings so humble,
Thirteen stars, linking hands,
Showing the beginning of a revolution,
The union of the lands.

Through thick and thin,
The flag has stood,
For all that's right in the world,
For everything that's good.

Even when the future
Is looking very bleak,
We are all still standing up,
For justice we still seek.

I think about the people
That are not with us today,
Because they lay down their lives,
So that we can have our say.

I think of all those people
Who fight for us every day,
I keep them in my thoughts and heart,
And for their safety I always pray.

We are not the only ones
Shallow and full of pride,
Waiting for the justice
That claws at us inside.

God bless the U.S.A.

A/N: I was riding home in the car today, and I saw the American Flag, and that's what gave me the inspiration to write this. I do believe in Nationalistic Idolatry (it's a real phrase!), and so I do not usually say stuff like, "God bless America" or whatever, but I was feeling rather... patriotic today, and so I decided to write this. Hope you enjoyed it.