"Come on, just one little kiss?"

Thirteen year-old Maddie Kojda shifted uncomfortably, not bearing to meet with the eyes that were enticing her so. She glanced at the tall, handsome boy in front of her, temptation whirling around her. How she wished that she had listened to her big sis and had not gone into that dark alley with him. She shut her eyes and sighed.

"I already told you! It's against my parent's wishes, AND my beliefs!" she said with a cringe. "Can please stop it? It's getting really scary."

He brushed his brown bangs away from his face, his green eyes glinting mischievously. "Oh, come on. You're parents don't have to know. And they think I'm a nice guy who respects them."

Maddie sniffed. "I thought that too." she murmured quietly.

"Look babe, I like you. A lot. So much, I wanna kiss ya. Anything wrong with that?"

"Rick, I just don't-"

Rick Sampson crashed his lips against hers, taking in her smell. He pushed her against the wall, kissing her cheeks, her nose, and then back to her lips. He then looked at Maddie with a coy look in his eye. "So...?"

She blushed ferociously. "I told you not too!"

"But did you like it?"

Maddie started to cry. "I don't want to feel this way..." She sobbed and sinked to the ground, her heart beating wildly. "I want to go home! I should have listened to Athy! You're nothing but a big meanie!"

Rick pulled her up from the ground. "Dude, you are seriously demented. Come on, you're crying because I kissed you?! Geez! Fine! I'll give you something to cry about!"

Rick grabbed the sobbing girl's shirt and and started to tear it away from her. "Cry all you want! I want you!"

"Who the heck do you think you are?!"

Rick looked up angrily. "Whoever you are, shuttup! This is none of your-" He was quickly interrupted by two strong hands slam him against the dirty alley wall.

Two cool, misty green eyes glinted in anger as jet black hair covered a pale, sculpted face. The shadowy figure smiled fiercely. "None of my business! Oh, yeah right! This is all my business!"

The next three minutes were filled with screams, yells, and a few bloody punches. Rick scurried away in fear, holding his bloody nose in his hand.

The figure then turned to Maddie, still trembling against the dumpster. "Madison Day Kodja...I TOLD YOU NOT TO COME ALONE WITH THIS DUDE!"

Maddie brushed her dark brown hair away from round, cute brown eyes. "I-I'm sorry. Its just that..."

Athena Kodja helped her little sister up from the ground. "It's just that he was so sweet and nice, you thought that he was going to proclaim his love to you or something."

Maddie averted her eyes away from the sixteen year old girl before her. "Yeah..." she muttered guiltily.

Athena sighed and shook her head in sadness. "You know Maddie, I'm actually very understanding. You know that?"

Maddie looked at the ground. "Yeah, I know Athy."

Athena took her hand and gently pulled her away from the alley. "Look, I know that you're in that stage that you love guys and you want them to love you. But you've got to understand..."

Maddie cocked her head. "What?"

Athena hugged her sister and smiled. "God Almighty knows what he's doing. He doesn't need help."

Maddie giggled. Her sister raised an eyebrow. "Why are you giggling?" she asked, puzzled.

The younger sibling chuckled and looked up at the hardened sister before her. "It's kinda funny hearing that from you."

Athena rolled her eyes. "Hardy-har-har. Let's get home, Miss Obsession."


A tall well-built figure crouched from a broken window overlooking the alley. His eyes were like daggers, watching the two girls scurry away from the dark place. He slid down to the floor, smiling in satisfaction.

"Like a buffalo..." he muttered.