by: october lies

I spend my days sculpting all my memories of you; piecing together visions of what was once our future with broken glass and glue. You don't know it yet, but someday, I'll be over you.

With her, there was no beginning - just an end and beautiful chaos in between. It was madness and blurry lines. Drugs. Sex, lies, and fears. Broken promises, mistakes, and blame, along with everything else that impatiently waited at the back of our minds.

I looked at the reflection again, and still, there were no tears to match my red eyes. I pictured myself locked away my bathroom, cradling depression and whiskey in my arms while inhaling as much cancer as I could. Moving on hadn't seemed like an option; now, getting over it was the only thing left to do.

With my legs dangling over the edge and the moon my only witness, I raised the pipe to my lips and started moving on.