what has not been done before

what has not been done before
that has not been said
what words have not been used
to describe an original thought
what subtle rhyme scheme aloft
has not been done for poetic touch
what form of paradox established
when I smash the fourth wall blasted (Hello)
what imagination has not created
a cherished thought now exalted

for I fail to see
the difference between
love's first kiss and death's demise
disguise delight where is the change
between her words and his

forgive my mood and forget the tone
let's tread the lines and context clues
create remake for writing's sake
let's do it over and over again
until we see the perfectionist's sight
and smile the lips of grandeur's delight
until the day
when the ink runs dry and our minds collide...

Let what has already been said be done with!