I'll take your broken memory
in stride and watch as my dig-
fades with the night. you
only meant the world to me.

Chasing, chasing, what's already
gone. Fun has been fulfilled and
vanished like smoke in the wind.
You're smoke in the wind. Fragile.
But temptation surpasses honesty
and i knew from that moment
you embraced me, i would be forever
taken. Show some support and

wrap me up in denial. You were only
a bridge I was worried to cross.
So rusted and wore down with age.
But the crashing water below made it
so much easier to fall. just fall-

into nothing. no arms to compact.
hard ground to crash, collide.

i made you my home but you were
torn away. torn away. with a force
of a tornado at my back. left to crumble
in the wreck you left.

I hope you're finding rest.