He stood near the street corner, watching lifeless humans pass him by. The multicolored city lights flashed on their skin. Not too long ago, the vampire felt drawn to this pathetic human city. He knew someone or something called to him, but now that it stopped, he began to question the motive of why he was being summoned. When he tried to smell for a scent, something that would be useful, all he could smell was the choking mixture of smog, cheap perfume, greasy foods, sex, and garbage. He grabbed his cell from his jacket pocket. The caller ID told him it was his brother. "What?"

"What's up, brother?" his brother answered, "You're on speaker."

He muttered, "I'm stuck in New York. I'll be staying here till I found whatever was calling me."

His brother's mate replied, "I still think it is your mate. Remember, it happens when both the male and female are matured; they are called to each other."

"I'm sick of this soul mate crap. I'm out," he growled, closing his phone. He loathed and their worthless lives, but yet he was stuck in their pitiful city. How lucky was he?

As he walked towards his car parked in an ally way, an ambulance sped by. Instinctively, he knew what he was looking for was in there, so he followed. At the hospital, he snuck in. Going room to room, he tried to find what was calling him.

As he entered another hall, he instantly felt the pull but up ahead was an enemy. When he walked closer, he noticed a vampire hunter. Before he could escape, the man saw him. He walked up to the vampire. In a low voice, the hunter said, "Get out, vampire. I don't have time to deal with you, but next time I see you, I will kill you."

"I'm looking for someone. Can't I visit a friend who is dying?" the vampire lied smoothly.

The man's eyes hardened, "Then visit him tomorrow night."

"Can't. Busy. Tonight is the only night I have off."

The hunter finally back down, but stayed protectively by the doorway. As the vampire walked further by the man, he felt the pull leading him to inside the room. If it was someone, then there was a third of a chance that the person would be linked to the hunter, seeing that there were three people to each room.

Perhaps tomorrow night wasn't such a bad idea, he thought as he left the hospital, wondering why someone who called him would be there.