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Margret woke up when a maid opened the dark curtains away from the bright window. She groaned, as she hid under the heavy blankets.

"Come on, dearie," her English accent was strong, "You must be getting up."

"I'm a night person. I don't wake up in the morning."

"Ah! Like a vampire," she laughed.

"You're too cheerful in the morning for me."

The maid was quite after that. Then she said, "You are very outspoken. Well, I came to get you. Your training starts soon."

Margret scowled; the damned woman was still cheerful, "Don't want to. Let me sleep."

The woman pulled back the blankets and placed clothes on top of her, "You have an hour to shower and get ready before your training."

Margret glared at the maid as she left, but sat up none-the-less. It took even longer to get out of bed. She dragged her feet to the bath room, and stared at herself in the mirror. "Wow. I look like shit."

After an hour, the maid finally came back. "You look a little better."

Margret glared again. Will she ever just shut up?

As the maid led her through the halls, Margret looked around. Pictures were hung along the walls. One picture caught her attention. It was a picture of Chris and Alex. They looked elegant in the old style clothes, looked like the vampires they are.

"Looks like the two oldest vampires caught your interest." The maid gave an arrogant smile, "Don't bother. They will not be interesting in a mere girl like you."

Margret laughed, "Of course they do. Vicky and Alex are my best friends. We've been friends for years. And Chris is my mate."

The maid paled, "Forgive me. I didn't know."

"I know. Most people don't."

When the two reached the gym, the girl saw the trainer standing in the middle of the floor, doing miner stretches. He looked up as she walked in.

"Good, you're here. We will begin your training."

"I feel like I'm in a Chinese fighting type movie," Margret used a mocking voice, "We will begin your training, young grasshopper."

The man glared, "Start running laps around the track."

As she ran, she thought, Someone couldn't take a joke.


It was noon when the training was complete. Margret dragged herself to her room, and then collapsed on the bed. Never had she ever had a trainer who over worked her. He is pure evil. More evil than a blood-thirsty vampire, she thought to herself.

And what is wrong with being blood-thirsty? You humans get hungry too! His voice came into her head.

Get out of my head! I'm not in the mood to deal with you.

That hurt. It really does. I am your mate. I'll take care of you. She heard the smile in his voice. Now, would you like a back massage? Or would you like me to feed you?

She thought about it. It would be nice to have a servant.

I'm not a servant! I'm your mate!

"Fine," she gave a small laugh. She felt his hands run down her back. "You've been following me."

"You are my mate," he said as if it explained everything.

"Don't you have a life besides me? Do you even have a job?"

"I do, but you are more important than any work or money." He laid down next to her, staring at her as he ran his fingers through her soft hair.

"Enjoying yourself?"

"Very much." He smiled before placing a kiss on her forehead.

After a long moment of silence, she asked, "How will this work?"

"The relationship?"


"Don't know, but it will."


He shrugged, "No one knows. All the vampires just know to trust the bond."

"But we don't know each other. All I know is that you are an ancient, and you're Alex's brother, but not much else."

"Has it ever accrued to you that all you have to do is ask, and I will tell you whatever you want?" Amusement was deep in voice.

She looked at him. He gave a toothy grin, flashing his fangs.

They both sat there quietly for a while before Chris said, "Let's go on a date."

She glared at him, "I just ran my energy to empty."

"Not now, no. Well, tonight."


He grinned, "Good. I'll pick you up at nine." He placed a gentle kiss on her lips before dematerializing.

She slumped deeper into the pillows before falling asleep.


The running warm water felt good on her aching muscles. And the soap smelled heavenly. After she washed her hair and body, she headed out. As she opened the curtain, there stood Chris with a towel in hand. His eyes hungrily looked over every inch of her.

Embarrassment and anger filled her. She picked up the closest item next to her and threw it at him. "Damn you! How dare you?!"

He laughed as he caught the soap container. "You're mine. I have every right to see you. And I hope to see more of you later on."

She glared as she grabbed the towel and wrapped around herself.

He frowned as she hid her sensual body. He wanted to taste it, too. Damn. Soon, she'll be writhing under me. He quietly followed her into her room. "So, where do you wish to go?"

"Doesn't matter."

"Good. I know a perfect place." He went to her closet and pulled out a sexy blue dress. "Here. Wear this."

"And if I don't?"

"You'll just have to go naked," he gave an evil grin that showed his long fangs.

She flushed a deep red as she glared. Before he could stop himself, he pulled her closer, dragging his tongue along her reddening skin. He lifted her chin closer to his face before claiming her soft lips in a devouring kiss. Her sweet taste clouded his mind, as he memorized every inch of her luscious mouth. He grazed his fangs against her lip then followed with his tongue.

Reluctantly, he pulled away, "Now, get dressed. We'll leave soon."

She glared as he left the room.


Chris waited in the living room. It wasn't long before he heard her coming down the stairs. When he walked into the foyer, the vampire was floored. His mate was so beautiful. Her brown hair was in a bun, with a few curls that framed her porcelain-like face. Her blue and black dress flowed to the floor, but she had it held up, showing her heeled shoes. A soft colored lipstick made her lips more luscious. The other make-up she had on was subtle, but was still stunningly beautiful.

Margret saw the male vampire waiting at the foot of the stairs. He looked dazed, completely memorized. As she neared him, he held out his arm, waiting for her. She looped her arm around his, letting him lead her to his car, a black Aston Martin. He was a complete gentleman, making sure she was seated before shutting the door.

As he drove, she asked, "Where are we going?"

He gave her his trademark grin that showed his fangs, "You'll see."

She watched the vampire behind the wheel. When the moon light shined on his skin, it gave him an eerie look. "Chris?"


"Do you like being a vampire?"

He gave small laugh, "That's like me asking you if you like being human. It's the only thing I know."

She stayed quiet for the rest of the car ride. When the car pulled up to an expensive looking restaurant, she looked at the vampire. "You serious?"

He opened the door and helped her up. Inside was stunning; velvet carpet, crystal chandeliers. Chris sat Margret down in a fragile looking chair, before sitting in front of her. "What do you think?"

"It's amazing."

He smile, "I'm glad you like it."


As Chris drove home, he heard Margret's deep breathing, telling him she fell asleep. He turned to see a soft smile on her face. She had a brilliant smile all throughout dinner. They talked, and in his opinion, they were slowly becoming closer. He thought, Maybe we'll go to the amusement park next.

He smiled wider at the thought; the mental image of seeing her smile .

When they arrived at his house, he gently picked her up and carried her to his room, and laid her down. Instantly she snuggled deeper in to the pillows

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