Corrin didn't want to wake up. She knew something was wrong. Very wrong. She wasn't in her truck sleeping, she wasn't at home, she wasn't in Teddy's stall. She was in the hospital. Tubes were connected to her from all over and she felt a cast on her right arm. The room was dark and quiet, except for the steady beep of machinery. She sat up slowly, easing away the dizziness and found that the room was empty. Where was Derrick? Why wasn't he next to her bed, comforting her? Corrin started to panic. After a few moments she ordered herself to return her heart rate to normal. From her bed she could see out a window into the night sky. There were no clouds to obscure the view of the stars and all their brilliance that night. As she stared, trying to keep herself from panicking again, she watched a shooting star blaze across the sky. Corrin knew something wasn't right. It felt wrong. She felt empty. So, on that shooting star, she wished that she would be given a second chance.