Last night I wished to be alone with you
But you were not alone

So I sat
Resting over the rocks who have no owner
(other than those who have no concept of ownership)
And borrowed a stone
While you played piano
Learning the notes as I touched its body
Letting the realness hum

It was the sort of rock
With multiple personalities
Smooth and jagged
Heart shaped
Yet round
And perfectly synchronized with the song
Your song
Jeff's song
And mine
Whenever I tried to hum along

The world was colorless as I watched you
From four-hundred miles northwest
So I closed my eyelids
Opening my mouth as I tasted
The stone's gray and brown speckled mass
Though I'll never truly know what really was
(and I don't really want to)
Letting the dry coolness roll into a ball
Centered contently on my tongue
As my mind was diverted with the wind
Trying to chase it back to the simple times
When love was a word and a song
Without body
And empty of reaction

Rebellious raindrops detached themselves
From the unnaturally bright clouded skies
Entombing once more my thoughts
Into an all-open body
Words bubbled with crescendo
Softly crumbling their finality into my ears
The notes ceased
And we're at last alone

I drop the rock
And leave