To Shaun with Love

Three words I could never say,

The words got caught in my throat,

It tortures me everyday that,

'I love you' wasn't our parting note,

We didn't really get along,

We argued almost everyday,

But you were also my best friend,

And I didn't want to loose you that way,

You never like mushy words,

So I kept them inside,

You never liked hugs,

So I pushed the urge aside,

You wanted this, I think,

As you walk off your eyes glowed,

So confident in your sacrifice,

Your steadfast pride showed,

A thousand times I've cursed that plane,

The plane that made you die,

A thousand times I've shed tears,

You wouldn't have wanted me to cry,

I sit alone in your room,

Your scent still lingers here,

I snuggle your pillow and breathe in,

A smell that will soon disappear,

You joined the Air Force for our country,

All the risks and dangers you had braved,

I mourn the loss of you in my life,

But treasure the lives you saved,

You said I was weak,

So I swear I will get stronger,

You said life was short,

I wish yours had been longer,

I hope you can hear me now,

I hope you're not too far gone,

Because I really have to say,

"I love you, Shaun."