I know what everyone is thinking...

She won't be a good mother
She's way too young
She got more than she bargained
From a night of fun

She must be sorry now
Her life is over
I bet she made a mistake
When she wasn't sober

Maybe the condom broke
And she isn't to blame
Maybe it was rape
She must be so ashamed

She can't possibly want it
She should give it up for adoption
Her parents must be religious
Or couldn't afford an abortion

There's probably no father
Maybe he's in jail
If he does try to stand by her
He'll eventually fail

I wonder if anyone ever thinks...

Maybe the right decision
Isn't the same for everyone
Maybe I'm actually lucky
Maybe my life has just begun

Maybe I wanted this baby
Maybe it was planned
Maybe you're just too close-minded
To ever understand

Maybe I've been with my boyfriend
For more than a year
Maybe his love for me and our baby
Is actually sincere

Maybe we'll be responsible
Maybe we both really do care
Maybe we'll be good parents
Even if we're unprepared

Maybe I love my baby
More than anything in the world
Maybe what I was meant to be in this life
Is a mother to this little girl