In a large brightly lit circular room four young people stood around a wooden crib that held two newly born babies. Stone columns held up an arching ceiling that was intricately decorated with renditions of various members of the Mildmay and Wiseman families and their great achievements. Each image held the essence of heroism in the tasks they depicted, whether it was as exciting as battling through a fierce storm in a minute boat or as mundane as running through a calm green field. The bold colours immediately captivated the viewer making them pay attention. The walls were painted a calming shade of cream and the ornate lights from the walls were a warm shade of gold and silver, lending an air of calm to a clearly stressful situation.

Blaze Mildmay looked down at his daughter through bright gold eyes hunter's eyes; his long black hair tumbled his shoulders in waves. Pointed feral teeth nipped his lower lip and he brushed the hair away from his eyes with large gently clawed hands. His body, that of a trained hunter was heavily muscled, his skin was deeply tanned from spending hours outdoors tracking and hunting down his prey.

His wife Marina took his hand into her slighter one and looked up at him, his tall frame towering over her smaller one. The white robe she wore announced to the world that she was a healer blessed with the power to cure others. Although she appeared to be the most delicate of the group, hidden beneath her robes was tightly compacted muscle, gained through arduous training sessions with her husband who had insisted she become able to defend herself. Pale blue hair framed her delicate face and was complimented by her bright blue eyes. Her slight frame radiated a peacefulness and calm that didn't seem to be affecting her companions.

Frost Wiseman's eyes sparked with white lightning that flickered around his black pupil whilst little bolts of electricity flowed over his body like a second skin. His short silver hair crackled with the power it contained and the sparks made it stand on end, giving him the appearance of a scared porcupine. His tall toned body allowed him to move as quickly as the lightning that passed through him. His skin was tinged a pale blue that reflected his elemental blood and allowed the lightning beneath his skin to be viewed. His facial features were sharp and angular, with a straight nose and a clearly defined jaw.

Sky Wiseman hovered in the air beside her husband. A pair of large black and white wings protruded from her back and a barely perceivable backwards and forwards motion kept her aloft. Her wings were featherless and instead looked like a taut reptilian skin. Under this skin was a system of delicate veins that could almost be seen if looked at closely. Her green hair was pulled back in a ponytail to keep it off her neck and to prevent it from damaging her wings. Around her right arm was a plain golden band that signalled she was a glider and a defender of those in the air. In her eyes, white clouds moved over a clear blue background and were held within a round face. Although she smiled at her young daughter, the white clouds soon turned an ominous grey with worry.

As their parents looked down upon their newborn babies a great sense of sadness came over them knowing the road that fate had chosen for their daughters. The two couples felt for their newly born children, after only a few months in the world fate seemed to have pre-ordained that they would suffer the destiny that had skipped their generation. Since the beginning of time, the Mildmay family and the Wiseman family had been linked. No matter what happened in history these two families had stayed united. Lurking within the shadows was an evil that threatened to destroy Skyloku and any other that was in its path and all that was standing between the planet and total destruction were two newly born girls with extraordinary gifts.

Nightwind Mildmay stared up at her parents with wide, strangely coloured eyes. Although each eye differed in colour, both were bright and wide with childish innocence. A small mop of curly auburn hair adorned her otherwise baldhead. Tiny pink limbs flailed wildly in the air as Nightwind tested her strength, gurgling her happiness when her father's finger entered the crib and she managed to grab his hand and keep it with her.

Skystorm Wiseman had a pair of eyes the exact same shades as the friend she lay beside. A wide smile spread across her delicate face as the people she had grown to love watched over her. Her small light brown fingers gripped the stone pendant that hung around her neck pulling at it occasionally whilst attempting to mess up the white hair that lay unnaturally straight upon her head. Although occasionally the colour would change, the modification would only last an instant before reverting to its original pure white state.

The eyes of these two little girls were very strange and could hold the gaze of a fully-grown adult with ease, enchanting the unaware watcher with their eeriness. It was the eyes of their daughters that made their parents realise their fate. It had been foretold that two girls would come into the world to save it and their eyes would distinguish them. It was said that their eyes would be a representation of the different species they were to save.

Skystorm held one mysteriously dark eye in her oval face. Lying within the depths of her right eye was an eerie shade of purple, which seemed to try and hide behind the royal blue that was one of its partners. The third conspicuous collaborator was a gentler shade of brown. It seemed almost hidden by the dominant shades of blue and purple that overwhelmed her eye. The constantly moving depths of her eye tried hard to reflect her disposition but like her eyes, Skystorm could never quite decide what mood she was in. Her other eye was nothing like the eye just described and it was as if she had swapped her left eye for Nightwind's.

Nightwind's left eye was also made of a trilogy of colours. The friendly hazel brown was often eclipsed by the furious rage of emerald green. The constantly warring shades of green and brown were fenced in by the strange golden grey colour that spanned the outside of her eye. Again her eyes moved to reflect her mood but unlike Skystorm's eye they managed to stay still for more than a few seconds. Within her right eye it appeared that Skystorm's right eye comfortably resided.

Neither seemed uncomfortable with this apparent switch and the two pairs of eyes brimmed with love and trust at the only adults they'd seen since the day they were born.

"This isn't fair!" Blaze yelled. Skystorm's eyes widened and Nightwind's mouth formed a wide o in surprise.

"You're going to scare them Blaze" Sky cried, trying to provide comfort to a friend when she was dying inside.

Running a clawed hand through his hair in agitation, Blaze continued "I know, but I wish this wasn't happening to them"

"We all knew there was a chance – no, more than a chance – it was practically a certainty, and now that we know what's expected off our daughters in the future, we've just got to move on and deal with the situation as best we can" Frost droned, saying the words to the group but not truly believing they could happen.

"I wish things could have been different" Marina Mildmay sighed. Her hand fell instinctively into the crib and her daughter played innocently with her outstretched finger, happy to be linked to both her parents.

"What an emotional moment" Shadow sneered as he clapped his hands in sarcastic approval "Really touching. I think I may be moved to tears, but then again maybe not" lounging in the doorway, the new entrant brought an air of fear to an already tense situation. Shadow's black eyes were rimmed red in anticipation as he glared at the couples, holding their gazes for an instant before he broke contact to move his lank black hair from his forehead. With his light build, Shadow looked like he could easily be crushed by Blaze alone but no-one moved towards him, shocked by the fact that he had managed to find them in a place they considered impregnable.

"Shadow, what are you doing here?" Frost's voice was clear and carried directly to Shadow's ear. Although he trembled inside at the sudden appearance of someone he'd once considered a friend, his voice didn't betray him by revealing his fears.

"I've come to collect what is rightfully mine" Shadow continued, his red eyes flashing malevolently "And I brought reinforcements to make sure you co-operate" he clicked his delicate long fingers and a haggle of misshapen deformities stepped out of the silhouette behind him and other pools of darkness in the otherwise brightly lit room.

Sky moved forwards slightly, placing herself in front of the crib. Putting her hands on her hips, she spread her legs and prepared to stand her ground "My daughter isn't any ones property. She's my little girl and I would appreciate it if you backed off" Sky dared to defy Shadow her blue eyes sparkling in disobedience and contempt.

"I've always admired your courage Sky, but right now I don't have the time to tolerate it. Now please hand me your daughter" Shadow drawled, clearly becoming bored with the entire proceedings.

"Go to hell" Blaze snarled, baring his pointed teeth to great effect.

"I've already been" Shadow cackled, "I'll be sure to take you on my next trip. Now hand your daughters to me" he continued, his voice changing instantly from humorous to serious.

"Never!" Blaze continued.

"I think you'll agree with me after some gentle persuasion" Shadow clicked his fingers and one of the monstrosities that had been lurking in the dark appeared at Blaze's side. Its lengthy claws became elongated and scratched Blaze's chest viciously. Blaze fell to the ground as Shadow let out a glass-breaking laugh.

Marina helped her fallen husband onto his feet and led him back to the crib where his daughter lay innocently gazing at her parents "We don't have much of a choice" she groaned.

"It's the only way," Sky whispered.

"I hope they'll forgive us one day," Frost added.

"Let's just do it" Blaze rasped as his cut continued to leak large amounts of blood onto his torn shirt and drip onto the stone floor.

Clasping hands, they formed a circle around their daughters. Strange guttural sounding words flowed quickly from their lips as tears formed in their eyes. The words left their lips faster and a glowing orb of white light began to surround the two girls. Finally closed, the sphere encased the two babies, completely protecting them from any and all outside dangers. The globe began to rise from the crib, the two girls still safely locked within it.

"What are you doing?" Shadow cried. The Wiseman's and Mildmay's refused to deign a response and continued their chant "I said what are you doing?" Shadow repeated his voice becoming urgent.

The orb lifted a further foot away from the crib before swiftly turning to fly through the walls and into the night.

"Nooooo" Shadow cawed. A united growl came from the mouths of the beasts that lurked within the shadows of the room before they pounced on the Wiseman's and the Mildmay's. Limbs were shredded and disregarded as they continued their steady rampage. Four small coloured spheres of light were able to escape undetected due to the commotion. The lights flew after the large orb that held Skystorm and Nightwind. Once they had caught up, the lights were able to settle within the half pendants that each girl wore around their small necks. The spheres separated and each child flew in their own separate direction to somewhere their parents clearly thought would keep them safe.

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