I don't like cheese.


I slammed my bedroom door as I ran in, furious. I sat on my computer chair staring at the ceiling. I just wish she'd listen to me sometimes instead of being Elvin's puppet. That's right, my step-dad. Things would be great when we'd be talking, until Elvin decides to share what he has to say, and all turns to hell. It was once piercing, it's not like I was asking her to strap me to a shopping cart and push me across the highway.

Then suddenly the phone rang.

"Hey girl hey, how you doing?" I could automatically tell it was my best friend Missy.

"Missy! Thank God you called," I really was glad, I needed someone to bitch to.

"Hey Leslie, Oh my gosh, who died?" Now I knew she was being sarcastic.

Missy knew me for my short temper, the only times I was ever happy when someone called was, when I was angry, or when Seldom's writers updated their blog.

"MISSY, I'm serious, my mom's being such a whoreface over me getting my cartilage pierced. I had her in the palm of my hand, until Elvin decided to start talking 'She's too young, she won't get any jobs if she gets it' goodness gracious ho, you're ugly as fuck but you're wealthy, I'm pretty sure people won't turn me down over a bloody piercing on my ear." I took a deep breath.

"Ah, so... do you like cheese?" I could tell she had a smirk on her face, asking me if I liked cheese after bitching about what had just happened to turn my life upside down.

"MISSY NO, I HATE CHEESE. What kind of a question is that? I just tell you about my depressing life, whore faced mom and fucked up Dad."

"Calm yourself, it's just a piercing, convince her later, cheer up butter cup, come on, come on. Oh, that sounds so wrong," Missy laughed like crazy on the other line.

I started laughing, until I heard someone yelling on the other line. It sounded like her dad was angry.

Missy's voice suddenly tuned down and I could tell she was scared.

"I have to go." And she hung up before I could say anything.

I hung up the phone and thought about the things Missy would tell me about her dad. How he would abuse her mom when she was alive. It scared me knowing she had to be with him. I always saw bruises on her, but I never questioned her, I knew if she wanted my help she'd come to me.

II couldn't help but think about what could be happening to her this moment. I decided to go downstairs, I saw mom and Elvin sitting on the couch. I sat in between them and held each one of their hands. "I want to apologize about earlier, I know you're just doing what's good for me and I want you guys to know I think you're great parents."

Elvin put his arm around me, I could tell he had a comforting expression on his face. He gave me a kiss on the forehead. "We'll let you get a piercing, on one condition, however!"

Now I knew I was smiling from ear to ear "SURE, anything, you name it, and I'll do it. No problem!"

He looked over at my mom, and I knew instantly I just jumped onto the biggest roller coaster without a seat belt.

"You see, sweetheart, love, sugar pie. My boss is coming over with his family this weekend for a BBQ, and he has a son, your age, he goes to your school, maybe you know him, Lincon Corspel."

My jaw dropped, I felt as though I could touch it with the tip of my toes.

"You're kidding, you're lying, please, I'm sorry, don't punish me, I'll do anything, I'll clean my room, I'll go to Church, I'll run outside NUDE."

My mom's eyes widened.

"I was kidding about the nude part mom."

She glared at me. "I don't find it funny, you making statements on running outside bare naked where the neighbours will see you. "

"I don't agree to put up with a Barbaric animal for a weekend, I refuse to. I'd rather jump Niagara Falls in a barrel, no way, no how, no. Just NO. Nada, non, French no, English no, German no and NO in whatever language they have left. NO."

Now I could tell my parents were getting annoyed. My step dad stopped talking now.

"It's one weekend, it's only one day, just be nice." I could tell he really wanted this.

I nodded in agreement.

I knew this was the part where the roller coaster flipped upside down.

See, the problem is, Lincon and I are two completely different people. I've never talked to him before, but I could tell just by seeing him around school he was a pain in my wenis. The way the girls were all over him, I mean, he was good looking, but come on. Holy shit, why does life have to be so complicated.