The following story is rated K+ for some fantasy violence and some mild language. Enjoy!

Adventures in the Spirit World

By SightSpirit

Part 1:

Maisa's Secret

Chapter 1:

Shadow in a Jar

Magic Spirits Maisa and Keenah were strolling around their home city, Ultimalia. Ultimalia was the capital city of the great kingdom of Nocia. Being the capital, Ultimalia was home to the Great Palace, home of the King. Normally, a Palace would house the King and Queen of its resident kingdom. But the King in the Great Palace was not only the King of all of Nocia, but the King of all of the Spirit World! So, as a result, Ultimalia was the capital city of the entire Spirit World!

As was stated before, Maisa and her friend Keenah were exploring Ultimalia. They were a certain rank of Spirit called Magic Spirits. Magic Spirits were the lowest rank of Spirits with any magical powers; that being said, hardly a fraction of the Spirit World's population had any magic at all. Maisa and Keenah were the Magic Spirits of Mental Magic. They studied under the Great Spirit of Mental Magic, Oobjas, hoping to become Great Spirits themselves one day.

Maisa was a thin, tall female Spirit who wore a blue robe. She had a beautiful face that seemed to have a glow of its own. Long dirty-blonde hair was draped around her head. She was two million years old.

Keenah looked similar to his friend. He had a face almost identical to Maisa's. His eyes were the same shade of blue as hers. His hair was the only difference; it was a light brown. He was two million-fifty years old.

As the two friends neared the Great Palace where King Hasu lived, as well as his lost queen who had vanished almost fifty years previously, they spied a bald-headed man carrying a small glass jar.

"Mootegraw!" whispered Keenah. "What's that three-eyed creep doing here?"

It was true that Mootegraw had three eyes. Two where they should be and one on his forehead. The third eye was his main source of power, being Dark Magic. The ugly sorcerer only opened his third eye when he needed the Magic or when he was in the mood to frighten innocent bystanders for no reason.

Mootegraw climbed the steps to the golden Palace. His Third Eye opened, and the giant doors were suddenly blown off their hinges. He walked into the throne room, which was also the largest room in the Palace. Hasu himself sat on his throne, the adjacent throne vacant.

"What business have you here, Mootegraw?" the King boomed.

"Stop trying to sound tough! Just say 'Why the hell are you here, Mootegraw?'" the evil sorcerer shot back. "Anyway, it's time for your removal. I have a little help with me! Meet my father!"

Mootegraw then removed the lid from the jar. A darkness arose from the inside like fire from a dragon. "Father! Arise! Awaken! Return after your slumber! It's time to take the throne!"

As he finished his speech, the last of the darkness exited the jar. Two red eyes appeared on it. Two hands made out of the same darkness detached themselves from the mass. Mootegraw's father was awake.

"Shadow, my father!" Mootegraw bowed. But Shadow was looking past him. Right at Keenah and Maisa!

"Spies!" the evil thing hissed. "Get them!" Just then, the Royal Guards, suddenly under the control of Shadow, charged at the two Magic Spirits with spears in their hands. Keenah and Maisa were glued to the spot they were standing on in fear. They just watched as the Guards, and their deaths, came closer and closer.

Author Notes: I had originally made up this story in 2005, but never wrote it until now!

This is a two-part story. Each part is treated as a separate story on FictionPress. Look for part 2 when it's published: Part 2: Maisa's Attack.

This is a work of fiction. Any similarities between the events and characters in this story to real events and people is entirely coincidental.