Sleep without a picture,
Die without a name.
Dissect a photo album.
Reconnect the brain.

Live within a purpose.
Burn inside a frame.
Write another story.
Bury all the fame.

Breathe another atmosphere.
Hoist the colors high.
Capture a narrow moment.
Fall down into the sky.

Remember a childhood memory.
Go down the scary slide.
Ignore the other children.
Keep trying to survive.

Discover a happy lover.
Dance for a tune.
Kiss and tell all the secrets.
Salvation chimes too soon.

Hear your own ears bleeding.
An alarm rings its boon.
Erase everything you've ever wanted.
The button only says snooze.

Attempt to find the page.
Embark for the lost treasure.
Refill the serotonin.
Salvage the master lever.

Awake to tears and sweating.
Become an unknown debtor.
Access the hippocampus.
Find it, to be severed.