Friday the second of February the year 1314

My Buffalo Hunt Diary

Dear Diary,

Today was the day of the great buffalo hunt. It was my first one. I was so excited to be going on this hunt with the rest of the tribe 'wild dog tribe' We sent a look out the night before to look for where buffalo would be grazing. He hadn't found any but when he was coming back to camp a herd of buffalo ran past. In the morning the trace was still there. We were hunting the buffalo for food, leather and all sorts of essentials. Finally, I said to myself this morning, I would be able to make a new dress.

To prepare for the hunt we got together all our weapons and placed the straps over our shoulders. My bow and arrow would come in handy the Chief Loco told me. We painted our horses and ourselves with patterns and tribal marks. My horse had a white tree with red blossom and also our wild dog symbol. We followed the sent the buffalos had left for two long periods and I was getting bored when we finally arrived at a flied where the scent stopped. We looked out over the field but al there was, was dead buffalo with blood dripping from tem. It was disgusting. I felt upset that we had come all this way for nothing.

The adult men of the tribe went out this afternoon to look for more buffalo. We haven't had any thing to eat for a long time and mother is looking starved.


The men have finally come back and have told us good news. They have found a herd of buffalo grazing in a field. We must hurry or they will be dead before dusk because the white men will have killed them. We jumped on our horses and galloped off. I was going so fast I couldn't see anything. I felt that if I went any slower I would get left behind and if I went faster I would get removed from the hunt. As the adult men told us the buffalo were grazing. We galloped to them and surrounded them. The chief killed the first buffalo and then arrows were shooting everywhere. It was horrible to see them dropping down so fast and so many. We only really needed 4 but about twenty and four were killed. It was horrid but I still felt proud. My bow and arrows had helped to kill one of the buffalos. It hadn't gone in far enough to kill it only to wound it badly.

I was worried when the buffalos started to run as I thought they would tramp all over us. But it was great to hear the sound of the hooves and the knowing that I would be going to hunt buffalo again


This evening we had buffalo and it was so good. With the left over skin the adult men and ladies will repair the tepees and I will make new clothes for all the tribe. After the hunt I am not sure what to think it is the best thing I have ever done but has also got me thinking about how many of the buffalo herd had lost.

My mother is looking well and we should still have enough food for when she gives birth. We have thanked Wild Dog with our Hunting Dance and we have thanked the adult men for finding that buffalo herd in the flied with our praise dance. I have had a good day but I've had better. Before I go let me leave you a riddle that I have learnt about today and will help me when I go on future hunts and on hunts my near future family.

The riddle is this and the answer with it;

To catch a buffalo you have to do

A certain thing and undo it to

You have to search for four weeks for the full moon

And paint your horses with marks,

But what do you until

I answer I shall tell

You have to dance a special dance so

More buffalo are born

To replace the dead that live no more.

The meaning of this riddle is simple; praise the buffalo and say sorry. If it wasn't for them we wouldn't be alive we would all be dead.

I shall write again soon Diary with more exciting things to tell.

Signing off,

Manya Chiefs Ménage's Niece

Nearly a lady - 16