Author's Note: Someone actually suggested I stick with this. Picking up from where I left off, to understand where I'm going with this and really get a visual of the assholes I've dated, you'll have to read part one.

Freeman Nixon - God given perfection? Are you serious? How pathetic am I?

I have no idea what it was about this kid that I just could not get it through my head that he did not want to be with me. Whatever the reason was he just "didn't want a girlfriend", I'll never know. I tried... and tried... and tried to get him to fall back in love with me and, if anything, I probably pushed him farther away. Now it seems like the more I talk to him, the happier I am I'm not with him. God how many times have I said that? I guess his only purpose in life is baseball. He could care less about school or doing something with himself. Baseball isn't everything sweetie.

The curse lives on.

Josh Gessel - Guarenteed to get attached in two weeks or less.

Just for the record, I did not date him. I used to be ito this. I used to tell everyone I wanted a really clingy/jealous boyfriend. That way, you never had to worry if they really wanted to be with you or not. I used every tactic I had to give him the hint and he just did not get it. Two weeks was all I could handle. I gave him the same excuses I've heard so many times. "I just want to be friends... I don't want a boyfriend." Well he hates me now.

Sam Daubenspeck - It's complicated.

I met Sam at college orientation. I'd say we clicked pretty fast. Our personalities are almost identical. I'm thinking this kid is going to be one of my best friends here.

I'm not sure how it started. We started pretending to date, making fun of people who change their status on Facebook to "it's complicated", hence the subtitle after his name. Until one night, Sam confessed that he actually really liked me and didn't want to be "complicated". Apart from the fact that he chews, he's not exactly my type, and I barely knew anything about him... I thought I liked him too. Until I met...

Danny Genetin - One of the biggest assholes I have ever met. And I love it.

Danny was apart of our weekly midnight sand volleyball group. He's an ass, he's cocky, and he's hott. I never would have guessed Danny wanted to get to know me. It sounds cliche but Danny is nothing like I thought he was. He seems so different. Knock on wood.

Danny kinda sorta asked me to our homecoming, my first real date to a dance, cute right? After homecoming we hit up a few parties and while everyone got drunk and basically started having sex, we sat in the corner talking for hours about everything. I think this is when I really realized there's a lot more to Danny's asshole exterior. The fact that he's 1) a virgin, 2) doesn't do drugs or drink every weekend, 3) cares more about my personality, 4) brags about me to his friends, and 5) was obviously raised right, I was hooked. (Lets start counting how many times I say that too.) But I wouldn't let him know it. I keep telling myself not to let my guard down, that way, I can't get hurt. But I just can't help it.

As I'm typing this, I get a text from Danny. "I hope you made it home alright... Text me tomorrow or come to class a little early so I can see you as I'm leaving... I love you Sash".

I guess I can take my guard down for now. Maybe this one actually is as different as I'm hoping he is. I'll keep you posted.