we are terrible for
each other, and, yes,
we are a disaster.

it's killing us both to be this far away.
messages on facebook and msn are okay,
but they're not the same as your touch
or you sweet smile in the moon light.

but tell me your heart
doesn't race for a hurricane
or a burning building.

i guess that's what makes it so appealing;
there's beauty in the insanity of our love.

maybe it can't hold you tight and keep you warm,
but it can tug on your heart strings,
and you'll never forget i'm here.

i'd rather die terrified
than live forever

i always said that you scared me
(just a little)

i guess what i meant was
i was scared by how much
i love you.

an: italics by e home and j comeau, of asofterworld (it's a website, you can guess the ending). it was just so powerful, i wanted to do something with it.