Just some poem I wrote about the battle of Gettysburg, that's during the civil war for all of you who don't know anything about history. ;)

The rolling fire, the musket balls

The cries of fallen men

In the heat of battle they never falter

No, not at Gettysburg

There's Devil Den, the wheat field

Little Round Top and Big

The place where Buford held the ground

The land where Reynolds fell

They all were soldiers, all were brothers

In some far away time

But now they are enemies

Until another time

The heroes, Lee and Longstreet

Meade and Chamberlain

They all were fighting their very best

For their states and friends

It was on Little Round Top

That Chamberlain ordered his men to charge

"Bayonets," he shouted

"Bayonets," he cried

And the men charged with all their might

That day he was made famous

And that day many good men died

July the third, another day

Of battle and of death

The day when two good friends

Faced each other again

They once fought together

But that day they fought apart

Armistead and Hancock

Brothers against brothers

On the same battlefield

Heartache and bloodshed

For four awful years

Armistead was hit that day

And three days later he died

"I must speak to Hancock"

He said before he died

But never would they met again

Those brothers from another time

Because the war made them enemies

And one of them was destined to die

But maybe in another year or in another time

Just maybe when they both had left this little world behind

Maybe now these men, these men who lost their lives

Maybe they will met again

Up in the clear blue sky

But that it day, it rests in time

Frozen in our memories

For the rest of time

When brothers fought brothers