We're from a city of metal and concrete,

We're from a city of metal and concrete,

Cars with their honking horns,

Television sets and billboards.

You call it a city of vibrancy and color,

But really, we all fit into our boxes,

Don't we?

Williamsburg hipsters,

Bronx gangsters,

Manhattan yuppies,

We live in our own worlds.

One city, but we don't see it the same

Do we?

I walked down by Wallstreet today.

All those boys in their suits and ties walking fast,

They always got somewhere important to go.

Saw one biting his nails,

Anxiety makes us all a little more human,

I guess.

Their world is collapsing,

But I won't say "I told you so,"

I'm sorry for their trouble,

I'm sorry for their pain,

I don't want them to suffer,

They're human too.

But we can't let them pick up the pieces and start again.

We can't let them rule our city.

We can't let them rule our world.

We can do better than this.

We all can be beautiful and powerful and strong,

And we can reclaim this city.

Tear down those billboards and burn the cars

Let those lines that separate us dissolve,

And be human together.

I want us all out in the streets naked,

I want us to look each other in the eyes

I want to say "I love you"

9 million times