A rather interesting idea that I thought of out of the blue. How a sixteen year old girl is the greatest advantage a country (to be named later) has in winning its war because no one suspects her of anything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time. It'll sound better when I get into further chapters and can reveal more information.

But for now, please let me know what you think!


"Are you ready for your next assignment?" he asked softly, his voice barely rising above the steady dripping of water somewhere in the dark room. A single, dusty bulb overhead cast a small pool of light directly below it, illuminating a small oak desk, empty of anything except a folder. Across from the desk was a chair, now occupied by a girl seemingly only twelve years old.

"Yes," she answered calmly, as he walked around the desk to stand in front of her. His boots made a dull thud on the stone floor. She felt no fear at the words. She had done this many times before. In fact, she had lost count of what number this was.

"This will be one of your hardest tasks," he warned the words barely more than a whisper, a slight taunt behind them. He was probing for doubt, a weakness they could not afford.

"I'm ready," she answered simply. She felt none of the doubt she knew he was searching for. To doubt was to give over to emotions, to fear. And to do that was to fail, which she would not.

"You know what you must do?" he asked, hearing the assurance in her even voice. Her gaze held his steadily, her hands rested without the slightest nervous twitch on the curved arms of the chair.

"Yes," she said again.

"Repeat," he ordered.

"I am to infiltrate the headquarters. I must find out what their final plans are. I will get out without raising suspicion," she reiterated, leaving out the many details that filled the spaces between those instructions. He knew the specifics as well as she did. She had spent the last weeks studying every aspect of her instructions and their enemy's set up.

"Good," he praised softly. "You leave in three days time. Go see McKolf to receive your final instructions and supplied."

She nodded wordlessly and rose. Slowly, she made her way to the heavy oak door behind her and stepped in the dimly lit hall. Nodding once to the guards flanking the door, she silently started forward to carry out her orders. Step by step, she was lost from view, the shadows of the few gas-lamps swallowing the country's greatest weapon.