I look at you

Inside I cry

My heart contracts

I want to die

Your perfect smile

Those bright warm eyes

They call to me

But I know that you will never be mine

You don't love me

No, not that way

We're good friends

That's how it'll stay

It's so hard

So hard for me to feel you close

And know you don't even notice

I breathe in your scent

It makes me high

Flying like a butterfly

My only wish is have you hold me

To have you by my side all night

To have you look at me with lovein your eyes

To have you hold me hand

Or kiss me on the cheek

To have you love me


To love me more

To be there by my side

When times are good

When times are bad

If I had a choice I would be with you now

I see it now

I understand

You see I'll never be free of you

My dreams of you won't just disapearIt seems you'll always be in my heart

Keeping me down

Yet I don't regret it

Not one bit

I would do it all again

Just being close to you is worth the pain

Hearing you laugh makes it all seem like nothing

I would do it all again

And again