As I walk along

This long hard road

I think of all the stories untolf

The tales of hope

The tales of tears

The love

The hate

From all the years

So much pain

So much sickness

How have I lasted so long?

What has given me the strength to carry on?

Why have I not fallen?

What makes me stronger than the rest?

There have been so many who have fallen along the way

Why not me?

Did they think it was worth it?

Life, that is

Is it worth living?

I sometimes have to wonder

So much dmage is done here

But there is so much beauty surrounding us

Almost forcing us forward

Keeping us afloat in the rapids of life

The star lightening our way

The child guiding us home

The shadow in the dark side of the moon

So I walk on

Ever on


But for what I know not

For death?

I would hope not

There is more to life than death

And I plan on finding it

So I walk

And walk