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Chapter 1

Sebastian Everest stared idly out of the carriage as it pulled down the road, watching the bleak scenery grow dimmer the farther they moved on. He had been mauling over the idea of picking up another slave for sometime; he had gone through so many, none being able to satisfy his needs. They all broke so easily, delicate and weak from starvation, broken in spirit and unable to even lift their heads. A wind could blow them away and they would snap under its pressure.

Either death quickly claimed them or he sold them, either way he couldn't keep them. What was the point of having someone so useless be around?

He raked a hand through his thick crown of black hair, pushing the untamable strands back from his face. Over the years strands of gray had begun to pepper through them, caused from both age and stress. The years hadn't been so kind to him in his mind, yes he still had the same muscular figure he had ten years ago, but he felt that between the war and hard times he was beginning to show his age. His servants reassured him of his good looks, and the random fucks he filled the void in his chest seemed to enjoy him, but it didn't change the fact that he felt like a monster. He was a beast that scared away anything beautiful from his life.

The carriage rolled to a stop and his advisor, who had been sitting across from him the entire ride, finally said in a soft voice, "We're here sir."

After the war Sebastian had gained quite a bit of money and land, raising him to a status he had not held as a child. He had worked hard to earn his place in a line of aristocrats and royalty. Though as of lately he had begun to wonder if it was really worth it. His riches didn't make him any happier then he had been as a wild teenager.

He now ruled over a decently sized town, owning the fourth largest piece of land in the kingdom. The slave market though was in the next city over and it had taken almost an entire day's travel to get there. The carriage door opened and Sebastian quietly stepped out, his polished black leather boots clicking against the cobble stone path. The clouds had begun to roll in with an ominous air blowing behind them; he could smell the rain a mile off.

He pulled his cloak tighter to protect against the nipping wind that curled in the passing breeze. The thick stench sweat, sex, and death rolled together in one foul odor that tickled against his nose. It was one of the worst aromas Sebastian had ever had the pleasure of smelling. It reminded him of his days in the battlefield, surrounded by carnage and loss. It was worse here though, because nothing could cover the smell of blood, piss, and cum. It was as terrible combination that would have made a weak man gage.

Calmly Sebastian made his way into the auction with a hard gaze running over the prospects. It was a market for a different kind of shopper. Only the strong willed and dominate could find anything here. Clerks were set up with posts and cages around them, weak limbed slaves chained and barred up like worthless animals. That's what they were though, weren't they? Worthless pieces of life.

A larger platform was set up for the bigger slave traders, parading dirty urchins barely clad in loincloths. Sebastian by passed the stage and made his way around the private traders, looking into the cages with a merciless stare that even sent the clerks cowering back.

His advisor, a tall and lean built man, quickly stepped up behind him and asked, "What is it you are loving for General Everest?"

Sebastian pulled back from the cage he was observing, mauling over the question and what he really wanted. He lifted his hand and stroked his clean-shaven jaw, "Something that will not break."

His advisor nodded, not asking for a clarification. His eyes skimmed the crowd somberly, looking past the rows of cages for anything eye catching. All of the slaves were boned finely and covered with dirty, paper-thin skin that looked ready to tear against the sharp angles of their limbs. Sebastian wasn't impressed at all by the selection and he was about to give up, even though he had just begun to look. It was the same as any other trip to the slave market; all meek little creatures curled into the balls in the mud.

"Oh sir, come see this lovely creature," A rat faced man sang from Sebastian's right. He was tall and thin, much like the slaves, with an oily face and even oilier hair greased back into a ponytail. He waved his hands around the chained slave, highlighting the creature with a toothy smile.

Sebastian had to admit the boy was beautiful; porcelain skin, pale blond hair, and the bluest eyes he had ever seen. They were hollow though, lacking any luster their gem quality should have. He stood stone still with a dejected face, staring up at Sebastian with innocent eyes. He was young and fairly unblemished, a new slave.

Sebastian raked his eyes along his half-naked body before shaking his head, "No."

The rat-faced man furrowed his brows before pressing eagerly, "Only a hundred pounds of gold. A deal for such a virgin." He emphasized the 'virgin', nudging the boy with his cane. The blond haired boy shriveled at the whip and looked back at him before turning his gaze to Sebastian. He reared back under the icy glare and pulled in on himself like a turtle. Sebastian gnashed his jaw together and said firmer, "No, I shall pass. He is nothing special."

Sebastian began to turn, the rat-faced man quickly becoming alarmed at the loss of business. Throwing his hands flamboyantly into the air he gestured to the line of slaves he had waiting behind him, not on display like the fair-haired slave. In a higher tone he called, "Surely one of my lovely creatures can be fit for yer pleasing. Do ye not like blonds? Maybe ye like red hair or brown? Or maybe ye like them the color of midnight."

Sebastian turned back, annoyed by the merchant's persistence. He set his brow into a firm glare and scanned the group quickly before stating, "There is nothing I like here, leave me be or I shall have my…"

He paused; glare faltering as he looked behind the man. He clenched his jaw with thought before stepping closer, towering over the clerk. The trader pulled back, for a minute afraid Sebastian would hit him before realizing one of his products must have caught the General's eye. He beamed smugly, "See one you like?"

"How much for that boy?" Sebastian asked, pointing to the one behind the merchant. His eyes couldn't pull away from proudly standing creature, tucked in the farthest corners of the trader's stall, shackled to a lonesome post like a wild hog. He was bound both feet and wrist, secured completely by the neck so any chance of movement was restrained completely. Yet despite being pound he stood confident and determined like a rose growing from ashes.

What attracted Sebastian's attention most wasn't the unique air of confidence around the boy, but it somewhat portly figure. He wasn't a delicate stick blowing aimlessly in the breeze, unlike the other slaves. He was a bit of a stout youth, standing at five-seven, possibly five-eight with a built to him that left him with ample curves. He had a wide set of shoulders and a curve waist set with a lining of thick belly. He wasn't obese in any way, his arms and legs were shapely lusciously with a nice thicket of fat that gave them more girth then the chicken bones the other slaves had and his stomach had the faintest roll to it at the bottom. His chest wasn't solid with muscle, but softened by the bit of extra padding.

His neck curved elegantly to a cherubic, heart shaped face padded with baby fat cheeks. Fiery, wide eyes glowered at the auction not to far from the stall with disgust, burning a brilliant shade of viridian like earthy gems. His hair fell in his face, shaggy and greasy, but a lovely shade of chocolate brown with natural curls to it. His butter cream skin looked as soft as satin and Sebastian was filled with the sudden desire to touch it. Even in the potato sack garb he had on the boy was breathtaking.

The rat-faced man looked back to where Sebastian pointed, twisting his face with disgust at the boy, "Him? Oh he is nothing good sir. Surely ye want a prettier slave. One ye can proudly show. He is nothing but collateral for poor debt. He'll be sold to the slaughter houses."

Eben lifted his head when he heard the rat-faced merchant talk about him. Even with his impending death being casually tossed about he couldn't wilt under the agony. Instead he snarled ferociously at the man, snapping his heated gaze to the prospective buyer. Was he expected to feel grateful for someone thinking of purchasing him? He refused to show any gratitude to a person believed him to be an object.

Eben had come under such painful circumstance due to a trite and bitter truth; poverty and desperation. His parents couldn't keep up with what taxes and debts they had to pay and eventually it caught up with them. The merchant, one of the people his parents had turned to for a loan so they could pay for their farm, had come a bit early to collect on their debt. He was the price they paid. Of course he wasn't exactly grade A material for slavery. No one wanted him, not even for housework.

He didn't care though; he rather face death then a life as someone's pet. He scanned over the man speaking with the merchant, unsure of what to make. Most just eyed him in pass, sometimes commenting about how he should be hidden from seeing eyes. True he wasn't skin and bones like the other slaves, but did he care? At least he wasn't shivering as terribly as the other boys. He had his parents to thank for his slightly portly build.

"Do not tell me what I want or do not want. I asked you sir how much for him, now tell me the price," Sebastian deadpanned, finding his patience wearing thin for the merchant.

The rat-faced man twisted his long fingers together and looked back to Eben with a snarl before looking to Sebastian, "Two hundred and fifty pounds of gold."

Sebastian lifted a brow slowly, not commenting on how the price had doubled compared to the pretty blond displayed at the front of the stall. Nodding his head Sebastian turned to his advisor and snapped his fingers, "Rune."

Run stepped up and withdrew a pouch from within his robes. He opened it and pulled the correct amount out, dropping it nimbly in the merchant's hands. The greedy trader clutched onto the gold like a child with a new toy before quickly stashing it away in his not-so-secret hiding place. He gripped the cane firmly in his hand and grabbed the appropriate key for the boy's shackles. He walked over snarling at Eben, "You're going boy. Be lucky this fine gentleman bought you, otherwise it be the slaughter house for ye."

Eben spat at him, hissing, "Send me to the slaughter house, I will not be anyone's slave!"

The merchant wiped the spit from his cheek and pulled back his arm, snapping the cane painfully against Eben's back. He arched, revealing a mapping of welts and scars caused by the same cane over his stay with the trader. The trader cracked his cane three times against Eben's back and hissed, "Shut ye mouth boy, less ye wish to be punished properly. Now face right, its time for ye to go."

The merchant grabbed the chains, fisting the one connected to Eben's collar in his hand and tugging it forward. He jerked Eben towards him and quickly unlocked the chains to the post. He didn't worry too much about Eben attempting escape, to many guards were situated around the market. He gripped the rusty chains and jerked them forward, dragging Eben over towards Sebastian.

The merchant handed Sebastian's advisor the key to the shackles and the chains, "He be yer problem now."

Rune twisted his nose with disgust at the merchant but kept his mouth shut. He gripped the chain and tugged the boy forward, turning to Sebastian, "Sir? Shall we return to the carriage?"

Sebastian looked to Eben and nodded his head, not sparing the beautiful boy another look. He wanted to get him home and start on his training immediately. This boy was a spitfire, one that would need to be taught his place. And from the looks of it he would hold up under his discipline. Sebastian gave a final side-glance, studying the full pouting lips before walking brusquely down the path back to where his carriage was parked.

"What shall I do with him?" Rune asked, wondering if there was room in the carriage for all of them to fit. Eben followed quietly behind, grinding his teeth together as he was jerked forward. His hands fisted into tight balls causing his knuckles to turn white. He pulled back at his chains, trying to decide if he would be able to break away quickly enough to run. His ankle chains though made it difficult to escape.

He looked from the advisor to his knew master, feeling bile rise in his throat. Had he really been sold? He wasn't a masochist or suicidal in any way, but he had preferred the freedom of death compared to enslavement. What was a life worth living if your free will was taken from you?

His eyes ran along the man, taking in the details he could see. Sebastian was taller then him by a good handful of feet, probably close to six-foot-one. He had a wide girth set by hard muscles and coupled with broad shoulders and a chiseled face. His arms were strong and webbed together with a tight intricate of muscles, much like his legs and his chest flexed with stones along his abs and pectorals. His jaw was set hard and squared, fitting nicely with his glass-cut features and straight nose. Eben could only catch a side view of his face though, barely making out his thin lips and sharp butterscotch eyes. Eben was guessing he was in his mid thirties, by the nice streaking of silver weaved through his jet-black hair.

"Hook him to the back of the carriage, he can trail behind," Sebastian mumbled mercilessly, climbing into the carriage. Sebastian's hips tapered down into sharp angles and muscled thighs. He had the body of a fighter, with a sun kissed complexion that spoke of a lifetime in the sun and a calloused appearance that told of a history of hard work. He turned to face Eben briefly, giving the boy a chance to finally see the man's face.

Eben's eyes grew wide slightly and he barely caught his breath as his eyes quickly danced over Sebastian's face. Running along the entire right side of his face was a horrible burned scar. It was the complete opposite of the left side's perfection; wilted and worn to a leathery look, twisted like melted wax and strained against every muscle and delicate ligaments. His right eye was a foggy shade of gray and the right half of his lips were twisted into a permanent frown. He was surprised hair grew on that side, he knew the scar had to run up all the way. On one side Sebastian was a handsome man, on the other he was a monster.

Eben was to lost in Sebastian's features to register what he said until he was hooked to the back of the carriage. He snapped his head up and glared at him, hissing, "You expect me to run? I'm not an animal!"

Sebastian studied him quietly before saying matter-of-factly, "You look like you could use the work out."

Eben flushed a lovely shade of pink that made Sebastian's stomach curl with desire. He already felt a foreign sensation of lust inside him. How long had it been since he felt such a longing? He couldn't wait to get home to break the boy in.

Eben growled furiously, jerking at his chains in a feeble attempt to break free. The door to the carriage closed as soon as Rune stepped in and the driver snapped the whip, jerking the carriage forward. It started with a slow walk through town before breaking into a run through the open valley. Eben could barely keep his footing as they made their way towards the city of Traum.

Eben couldn't believe Sebastian was making him run! His body ached and throbbed with pain as he desperately followed behind the carriage. His angry screams eventually faded to heavy pants as he tried to keep up, his chin length curls bouncing around his sweat-slicked face. His feet stumbled behind him and his hands clutched onto his jingling chains as he ran behind the carriage. He couldn't even attempt to slow down; if he did he'd fall and surely be dragged behind the carriage.

Luckily Rune had removed his collar and ankle shackles, leaving him with only his wrists bound. It didn't matter though; he was still locked to the carriage like an item. By the time they made it to the castle, having slowed when they got to town, Eben was sick with fatigue. He collapsed when the carriage stopped, stomach churning painfully. He grasped the chains weakly to hold his body up and brace himself as he heaved what little contents he had in his stomach. His body was a blistering pink and slicked with sweat, his legs chaffed at his inner thighs. His body was trembling uncontrollably with pain and he couldn't stop the dry heaves from coming.

He felt like he'd die if he went on. Sebastian emerged from the carriage, looking to Eben with a displeased stare. Maybe he was wrong maybe the boy wouldn't last. Eben turned his trembling features to Sebastian and twisted his dirty mouth into a hateful glare, hissing "You monster! What the hell is wrong with you? I could have died!"

"Don't speak to your new master that way!" Rune scolded as he stood behind Sebastian, instructing in a forceful tone, "You will address him as master and sir, and you will be grateful he didn't let the merchant sell you to the slaughter house."

Sebastian inwardly smile, but kept his face aloof as he retorted calmly, "I thought you said you'd prefer to be dead. You should think for now on before you speak."

Eben flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and rage and spat at Sebastian's feet, "I'll never address you as anything but what you are—a monster!"

Sebastian felt the beginning strings of annoyance begin to kick in. He hated to be referred as such, even if he believed it to be true himself. He straightened his shoulders and said calmly, "Keep up with the comments, and see where they will get you. Rune, clean him up and prepare him. I want him looking like an actual human."

With that Sebastian spun on his heels, turning to look at the night sky. Lucky for Eben the sun had set a little into their journey home, so he had been saved from the sun. But the night air was damp with the coming storm and it nipped bitterly at Eben's nose. Rune unhooked the chains and jerked them forward, hissing, "Come on."

To Be Continued...

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