Road To Unhappiness


Certain things do never change.

They are part of human nature.

Worthless the advice of the sage,

As we only learn while we mature.


While we do so we will see

That imperfection is a part of us.

One we can't alter to the slightest degree.

One, which to live with, is a must.


Most people come to acknowledge this side,

Tolerating mistakes and failure.

However some never gaze at this light,

And follow the road to unhappiness.


'Cause there is nothing to gain in perfection

But a sore heart and soul,

Making you stare in disgust at your own reflection

As you can never live up to your goal.


Perfectionism is a human curse.

Sadly a curse without a cure.

It's impossible to fight this infinite thirst

With a conviction so strong and pure.


So you go further down the road,

Yearning for something out of your reach.

Feel everyone you encounter just glower

And the walls around you too thick to breach.


Every virtue has an opposite:

So, for those who live in happy imperfection

There are those who suffer from perfection.