Every Child







(Enter Every Child. A 6-year-old girl with honey brown hair and light brow eyes. She is wearing the same dress that she wore yesterday to school and has a bruise below her right eye. She crashes onto her bed and starts crying)

Every Child: Why? Why do they always have to do this to me, all I did was drop one piece of food on the floor and they blow up on me. No wonder I like school so much, it's the only time that I'm away from them. But then every time I get home, they yell at me for some stupid thing that I did that morning. "Every Child! You forgot to shut the door before you left!". "Every Child, you forgot to let the dog out before you went to school!" I sometimes wish that I was never born.

(Enter Kindness, a girl about a year younger than Every Child. She had beautiful golden blonde hair and an angelic face. She is wearing a bright yellow dress as if she was in a wedding and has flowers in her hair. She carries around a Yorkie that she calls Kiki)

Kindness: Hey… Whoa! You're crying… Why are you crying? You shouldn't be crying. Look at it outside, it's a beautiful December day. It might even snow tomorrow. School might be canceled if we're lucky.

Every Child (crying): I'm crying because my parents hate me. Every time when I come home, their either drunk or in a bad mood. Every time I try and ask them something, they always yell at me.

Kindness: Hey, you're bleeding from your nose! Did your parents do that to you?

Every Child: Yep, just because I asked what we're having for dinner tonight.

Kindness: I'm having chicken tacos over at my house… You can come if you want. Kiki won't mind… Will you Kiki?

Every Child: That's a very nice dog you have. What kind is she?

Kindness: She's a Yorkshire terrier. Go ahead; you can pet her, if you want.

(Enter Anger, a boy about the age of 15 and is extremely tall for his age. He has short dark brown hair and light green eyes. He is wearing a black tux. Kindness chuckles a little bit and hides her head)

Kindness: Well, look who just got married!

Anger: Shut up, you little pixie!

(Anger walks over to Every Child, who is again crying on her bed. He places his hand on her shoulder and she begins to kick her feet. She accidentally kicks Anger in the groin and he lets out a muffled whimper and falls to the ground).

Every Child (wiping her tears): Sorry.

Kindness: You just made my day! I've always wanted to see that happen to him.

(Every Child nods her head and continues crying. She buries her head in her pillow and Anger gets up)


Kindness: You don't want the same thing to happen, do you?

Anger: Actually, that did sort of hurt.

Kindness: I know it did.

Anger: I actually feel bad for the kid… Her parents are even angrier than me at times.

(Enter Friendship, a girl about the age of 13 with medium long jet black hair and glasses. She is wearing a white shirt and tan pants. She looks down at Every Child and sits down next to her)

Friendship: It's all right, Every Child, I'm here now. Don't cry.

Anger: Just what we need, another girl in the play to make it sappier.

Kindness: Will you shut up, I swear, you never stop talking.

Friendship: Don't worry about your parents; go on with your life. I'm sure that your friends will be waiting for you at school tomorrow.

Every Child: Ariel will be there, Maura, Lindsey, Rachel, Giovanna. Everyone will be there.

Kindness: And I'll be there too!

Friendship: You see, even Kindness will be there to support you.

(Enter Joyfulness, a girl a few years older than Every Child. She has strawberry blonde hair and light brown eyes. She is wearing a light blue dress with silver high heels. She skips over to Every Child and sits down on the bed with her).

Joyfulness: Hey, what are you crying about? You're supposed to be happy.

Every Child: I sometimes wish that I wasn't born.

Anger: Then commit suicide!

Kindness: Don't say that!

Anger: What, she's already had enough of life. Look at her; she comes home crying every day. I'll be that some days she just wishes that she were dead instead of in this hell hole that she calls home.

Joyfulness: I'm sure she doesn't feel that way… Do you Every Child?

(Every Child nods her head and the whole room gasps. Enter Trouble. A boy about the age of 9 with golden blonde hair. He is wearing tan pants and a white shirt).

Trouble: You know, there are better things that committing suicide… You can always run away. All though then your parents would be more mad at you and probably give you up to the orphanage. Or you can just call the police and tell them that you're getting abused. That's probably the best way.

Every Child: I would never want to do that. Every time that I open my mouth, my parents always beat me up for no reason. I think it would be better if I committed suicide. Maybe that would teach them a lesson.

Anger: Yeah, that's what I said in the first place.

Kindness: Don't do it, Every Child, don't do it!

(Police cars are heard outside and Every Child looks up. She hears the police taking in her parents and she looks out the window. She sees the police put her parents in a police car and she grins from ear to ear).

Kindness: What do you know, the neighbors decided to call the police

Every Child: Good for them. I'm actually free now. I don't have to worry about speeking my own mind about what they say to me. I can actually go to school tomorrow with no new bruises.

Kindness: I've got to go… I'll see you at school tomorrow, Every Child.

Joyfulness: Yeah, me to. I'll see you at recess.

(Every Child walks out of the room and Kindness, Friendship, Anger, Joyfulness, and Trouble disappears. There is classical music playing in the background and all that is left is Kindness's Yorkie, Kiki. There is a letter right next to her that reads, "Just incase. Yours always, Kindness.)