mean and green
october lies (april 23, 2009 - 11:12am)

your snake tongue renders
me useless and burning up,
and poisoned by lust

your reptile smile and
your sheep clothing is more than
enough to steal hearts.

you say your heart's bare;
worn on your sleeve, but i know
where you hide your tricks.

oh, how did i know?
you want nothing more than a
drunk, cheap one-night-stand.

please, don't waste my time
i see a little boy who
can't be left alone.

they're all seperate haikus that could stand alone but together tell a story.
this was my first attempt at a story told through several haikus.
i figured that since i fail at them individually, maybe i could whip something up

through a poem formed by haikus.
let me know what you think, kay?