Chapter One

I heard a scream from a long way away, and I ran towards it. I didn't know where I was going. I crashed through the door and saw Tulip, my best mate strapped to a chair at gun point. There were three men in the room. One holding the gun, one near the door and one looking straight at me.

"You know what I want Hollie. Give it to me."

I shook my head. Another man continued,

"If you don't give it to us, your friend here. Goes …"

He pulled the trigger slightly.

"No!" I cried

The trigger got pulled more.

I screamed.

I was sat up in bed, sweating like a pig. This, this thing kept coming back to me. It had happened a few days before. Luckily Tulip is ok. I looked around my large bedroom, everything looked normal. Normal it wasn't. just then my phone beeped.






I got out of my bed and quickly got into some black jeans, a black top, fleece and boots. I slowly walked towards my walk in wardrobe. I opened the door and turned left into another door. I lifted a small cover and typed in 256672 DMS, looking round in case anyone was following me.

The door slide open and I took one step in. An electronic voice said,

"Hollie, it is nice to see you again. Enjoy your ride."

After two seconds the room flew downwards. One minute later I stopped. The door slide open and I was looking into a brightly lit room, with lots of people milling around. A young man, was walking briskly towards me.

"Agent Hollie. I haven't seen you in ages. How are you?"

I looked up and answered

"Fine thank you Ziggy. Is mum here?"

"In the meeting room."

I thanked Ziggy and walked towards a glass tube at the end of the hall. I pressed my thumb into the panel on the side and stepped inside. I pressed the button saying 'Meeting Room'. A seconds later, I was face to face with a blonde woman known as HC or my mum,

"Mum. I didn't know there was a meeting?"

She looked down at me.

"Yes. It is a bit short notice. Go and sit down Hollie, love."

I did as she said, and sat down in my normal place at the front. Quickly the room became full and loud. Then the over said beeped and the message played,

"Agents, this meeting has been called for a reason. Please be patient and listen carefully. Thank you."

After that my mum took to the stage and the whole room exploded into applause. She held up her hand and the applause stopped.

"Agents. We have a mission. We have been called upon because a famous actor and actress have gone missing. Or should I say kidnapped? They were working on their new movie, which will all become clear later on, but first I need to ask Agent Hollie a few questions. Agent Hollie can you come up here for me?"

I stood up and walked up on to the stage.

"Now, you must be wondering why I asked you up here. Yes?"

I nodded by my head.

"Now then. These are going to sound strange, but just answer these honestly. Ok?"

I nodded by head and looked at the hall. I picked our Ziggy amongst the hundreds.

"Agent Hollie, what is your favorite TV musical?"

I smiled. This was simple,

"High School Musical."

I heard some people laughing and I turned and pulled a face.

"Now then, who is your favorite actor from High School Musical?"

Now this was difficult,

"Hmm. I'm going to go with," I may regret this, "Zac Efron."

Mum's PA was scribbling down every word I said.

"Ok, there's one more question then you may sit down. Who is your favorite actress from High School Musical?"

Oh, this one is hard.

"Um. I'm going to go with Vanessa Hudgens."

"Thank you Agent. You may go now." said my mum.

Now I was wondering why she wanted to know that. She does know though. I've told her enough times. I wonder …

A few moments later my mum spoke again.

"Quiet please Agents. Now, as you may recall I said that these actors were working on their new movie when kidnapped. Now we were approached by good friends and co-stars of these actors and they asked us if they could tell you all they knew. Please fell free to ask any relevant questions. May I introduce Ashley Tisdale, Lucas G, Corbin Bleu and Monique Coleman."

The hall exploded into applause.

I was seeing my favorite cast members in front of me. I couldn't believe it. The blonde hair of Ashley, the face of Lucas, the afro of Corbin and the eyes of Monique. If only it was under better circumstances. Then Ashley began to speak,

"Um, hi. I'm Ashley and anyone who likes High School Musical will have noticed that Zac and Vanessa aren't here. Um, this is because on the last week of filming they both went to get a coffee and never came back."

She broke into tears and Monique ran to comfort her. Lucas continued,

"There had been some new make up artists and film crew around that didn't seem to like us. There were also some dodgy looking men around."

He paused. An agent put his hand up into the air,

"Agent Lu, sorry to interrupt. Did you get a good look at these men?"

"I didn't, but Corbin did." went Lucas.

"Um yeah I did. I got some photos that I asked to be put on the overhead."

As he said this, the pictures came up on the screen.

"There were three men. This is one of them. He was talking to Zac and 'Nessa a lot when they were not filming. This is the second man. He was a lot shorter and he stayed in the shadows. Then there was the last man. I didn't get a photo of him, but I saw him a lot."

I put up my hand,

"Agent Hollie, sorry to budge in but did any of them mention any names?"

Ashley whimpered,

"Jack Scott"

I felt my blood freeze in my body. I heard gasps going around the hall. I knew Jack Scott. Not as a friend, but as an enemy. Mum walked back on to the stage.

"Thank you so much. All this information will help us get your friends back. Would you like to go and sit by Agent Hollie?"

I stood up to show where I was. The cast walked down the stairs towards me.

"We now have the start to our mission. I have chosen two agents to be field agents on this mission. The rest of you will be analyzing information, ear voices and forensic science. The two agents I have chosen haven't been chosen because they are friends or family members. They have been chosen for knowledge, age and ability. I expect all of you to give 110. The two field agents are Agent Hollie and Agent Will. Please can you both stay behind? Meeting dismissed."

The sound of voices was heard again in the hall. I started to walk towards mum, Will caught me half way.

"What a mission, eh?" he went

"I know."