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Hello, I'm Twilidramon, which means…well, nothing, actually! I've written for FanFiction, so you may know me more for that than this. This is my attempt at a Manga story, and I hope I don't take a shit on something good, because I don't want to become a douche like that.

I own everything but the references I make, and a couple characters! I know the author of the book I mention as well. Tsuki-kun was right, that is refreshing to say!

1: A Rather Different Set of Friends (Not the Garbage Kind)

Loaño walked down the street, trying really hard to force her iPod to get louder than it was to drown out the noises of the street. She wore a regular private school-style uniform, white shirt, blue skirt, all that jazzy stuff. She had silver eyes with short-chopped blonde hair, cut to her shoulders and so messy that someone would think that she just freakin' got out of bed and decided to shame herself by going out into public. Oddly enough, she was freaking people out more by the fact that she wore a large pair of goggles on her head.

Fact was, Loaño Ishida was probably the craziest and weirdest girl you've ever met. Some said she looked freakishly like Link, from the Legend of Zelda game series. Which, in retrospect, she did. Her face was sharply angled, though her face itself was kind and peaceable. She couldn't be more tickled about that, because she liked to dress up as him for Halloween, which was funny to most of the people who got the joke.

But, it didn't help that Loaño was just plain weird all-around. She made jokes that no normal person understood, she fit in like a box inside of a circle that's missing a triangle, and she was too smart and said large words a lot.

Well. You get it, right? She's a freak of nature, and basically gets along with other people as well as a lion and a hyena who've been beaten, deprived of food, and placed in a incredibly small cage together for a long period of time. Eventually, one's gonna eat the other, and I'm placing bets on the lion.

Of course, Loaño wasn't a hyena. She wasn't a lion. Nor was she any other sort of African mammalian animal. She was more of a wolf. She was a lone wolf, to be exact.

A wolf with no friends is one that shall not survive. Or is it that a wolf with no friends is one that stands alone? Bah, pick one, I guess…

Well, let's get back to the story…

Loaño was walking down the street, towards her school, for a regular school day that would probably suck. A lot. It was cold. It was fall, and the trees were turning that pretty golden color.

Everything was so dull…nothing ever happened. Ever. At first, Loaño had figured that school would be better than everyday life. But, it wasn't. It was ten times worse.

Sucking up her misgivings, she walked on, marching towards her jail cell to which the sentence served no bail…

Loaño walked into her Algebra class, settling down in the second seat in the second row from the teacher's desk. It wasn't a bad seat, but it wasn't a good seat, and she had a perfect view of the whiteboard that actually sucked a lot worse than the school.

Two unfamiliar faces walked in. One was a boy with spiky white hair and strange yellow eyes that made him appear like a cat. He had the regular school uniform on, a white shirt and blue pants. The girl next to him had shoulder length black hair, and wore a pink bracelet on one wrist and a black one on the other along with her uniform.

They walked up before class had started, and the black-haired girl asked Loaño, "Are these two seats taken?" she asked kindly, gesturing towards the two front seats in the row next to hers, by the window.

"Nope." She replied, turning back to her book, II The Second.

"Wow, that's awesome!" she said excitedly, looking at the pirate ship and the sunset on the front cover.


She paused to extract a paperback pocketbook from her backpack, which was with the both of them since they probably hadn't found their lockers yet. It was exactly the same book that Loaño had. "Isn't it a bit ironic?"

"I guess. How far are you?" Loaño asked.

"Not too far. Page 50 or so."

"When'd you get it?"

"Around a week ago…" she replied meekly. "Spent all my money on it, now I'm flat broke…"

Loaño smirked. "Hell, so did I. Damn good book, too. I like your taste."

"Thanks!" she said. "I'm Hikaru Reinhardt. That's Haseo Yagami, my friend."

"Loaño Ishida." She said without looking away from her page.

Just then, the rest of the class filed in and the bell rang. The teacher took a minute or two, but she meandered into the classroom and began directing the class to what homework page they should turn to. Hikaru was steamed that she couldn't finish her page, and she put her book back on the floor. The teacher didn't bother to introduce the two, like a regular teacher, she just projected the answers to yesterday's homework on the white-board with her computer. She then gave them their homework assignment.

Loaño grunted in frustration. She hated math of any form with every fiber of her being. She set down her pencil in frustration and decided to wait until the bell rang them out.

Hikaru and Haseo looked a little confused. Hikaru leaned over and asked, "I can help you, if you want. I just need a book."

"Let's share, then. I hate math." Loaño said. Haseo was clutching his temples as he looked at her book over-the-shoulder-style.

"I think I'd better join in, too…" Haseo muttered. "This stuff's making me want to explode!"

"Maybe we could come over to your place later, Loaño, and work on it together?" Hikaru suggested. "Maybe that'd be easier, since the teacher spent all the hour talking our ears off."

"Yeah, here," she ripped out a small sheet of paper and scribbled her apartments address on it in her pencil. The bell rang loudly, and Loaño gathered up her stuff. "See you in Art, Haseo." She said. "And you in English." She added to Hikaru. They looked confused, and Loaño offered, "Your schedules were out for all to see. Not a smart idea."

"Well, this is my place." Loaño muttered, gesturing to the large apartment building. "My parents work a lot, so you'll hardly see 'em."

She led them upstairs and to the third floor. She opened up a small door that said 3D on it, and led them into the apartment. It had all the basic necessities, a kitchen, a bathroom, two bedrooms, and a nice living room where the three camped out to do their homework.

"So, you're here a lot on your own?" Haseo wondered. "That's gotta be rough."

"Not really." Loaño shrugged. "The rent gets paid and the people are nice. Haven't gotten raped yet."

"That's nice thing to think about…" Hikaru sighed.

"Isn't it?"

The three were finished within the hour, and they turned on the TV to fill the void of lifelessness, though nothing good was on.

"You bored yet?" Loaño asked.

"No, I find the fact that you're allowed to live on your own fascinating!" Hikaru said, her nose buried within II The Second.

"Wow, what're these?" Haseo wondered, coming out of the bookshelf with large spiral-bound sketchpads. He flipped them open and gasped. "These are great! Did you draw these?"

Loaño got off the couch and snatched them away. "Yeah, I did." She closed the book, her face burning with embarrassment.

"I didn't realize that you thought of stuff like that. They're quite lifelike." He complimented.

"That's because I didn't think of them. I've seen them for real, and for some reason I remember exactly what they look like. Sounds weird, huh?" she explained with a wry smile. She never really liked to admit that she drew fantasy artwork in her series of sketchbooks. She thought it was silly and embarrassing, and it made her feel like a little girl. Of course, when your bored, your bored.

The two didn't respond, and they looked at each other for a moment. "Yeah, it does…" Hikaru said sheepishly. She put her bookmark in and quickly said, "I think it's time we were going, Haseo."

Haseo nodded, looking at the clock. "Yeah."

"Here, though." Hikaru walked up and dug in her skirt's pocket. She pulled out a small, flat card and handed it to Loaño. "Come over to my house tomorrow, alright? Here's the address, and we'll have a lot of fun!" she promised. The two were then out the door with quick good-byes.

Hikaru and Haseo walked down the road after safely exiting Loaño's apartment building. "Are you sure it's her?" Haseo asked.

"I'm sure. Kidd said that'd be her, and Loki predicted it. I'm not one to doubt Loki, but I hope we aren't making a huge mistake…" the girl replied worriedly.

Tell me what you thought, and don't be afraid to get too critical! And, I wasn't lying when I said I knew the author of II The Second. The book isn't even out yet!!