"Together Through Darkness and Blood"

He fell onto his knees, his wings shrouding him in a feathery obsideon canopy. His forearms curled tightly around his midsection, which was trembling slightly. His jaw was tense, teeth clenched. "You're wrong," he hissed, his voice like snake venom. "You have no idea what I've been through. You've never had to make life-or-death decisions like I have. You've never had to sacrifice ten thousand Vampires just so one goddamned Human could survive." He spat the word human, making it sound like a curse. Then his wings flared out on either side of him, stretched out to their full sixteen feet. His voice was like ice shattering. "You don't know what it's like to be me."

His answering reply lacked emotion, the tone sounding flat and bored. "God, spare me the melodrama already."

Dark wings stiffened and eyes narrowed in barely suppressed fury. The dark-tressed Vampire stood, tendons white against his knuckles. "You dare to insult me?"

The whispered threat carried easily to his opposer's sensitive ears, registering in the cocky young Vamp's quick mind. One corner of his mouth pulled up in a smirk and he folded his pale arms over his bare, well-muscled chest. No body hair adorned his athletic body, a plus of being a Chosen Vampire. He still retained his head hair, eyebrows and lashes, however, but all others had been removed during the Transformation, which had been quite painful for the Vampire, especially since he'd been on his own during the transition. But now that he was in the Underworld, he had nothing to fear anymore. He was at his true home with his true people, and in his true form.

A jagged bolt of lightning split the darkened sky outside the ceiling-high windows in the cathedral. The electric storm was far more interesting to watch in the cathedral, what with its huge glass windows that reached far above a hundred feet, angling with the high ceiling. It was also a very Holy place, where few Vampires tread. Only the Prince of the Underworld was allowed into this special room, as he was now. But another Vampire had chosen to disobey him and now stood a few feet behind him, simply waiting for the Prince to lose his temper, a smug smirk upon his shockingly handsome features.

"Get out."

The harshly spoken command took the young Vamp aback. He blinked, his smirk fading to a small frown. His arms lowered to his sides. "But--"

"I said get out!" The Prince whirled around, flaring his wings threateningly, his expression dangerous. His slitted pupils smoldered with an ebony fire as he took a step closer. His temper sparked even more when he saw the young Vamp eyeing his bare chest with a look akin to satisfaction rather than leaving like told.

The newborn--still considered a "newborn" since a full year had not yet passed from his official Rebirth--was instead imagining the many possible ways to jump the Prince, and planning to either ravish him sensless or simply take him on the spot. As he was considering the two, a pale hand cut across his cheek, nearly sending him to the ground had he not stabilized himself with a few rapid downstrokes of his sleek, dark wings. Another bolt of light lit up the darkened cathedral, making the newborn's slender wings glow with a purplish hue. Then the lightning faded once more, sending the Holy grounds into shadow.

Abruptly, another blow came from behind the newborn, this time throwing him to the polished floor face-first. Before he had a chance to recover, the Prince leaned down and grabbed a fistful of the Vamp's jet-black hair, viciously pulling his head up so he could see his expression. The newborn glared at him, the defiant glint in his eyes betraying his rebellion. The Prince eyed him with contempt, releasing him and stepping away. He started to fade into the shadows, pausing only to let a few last words hang in the air. "If you value your pathetic life, then leave n--Ooof!" His breath whooshed out of his lungs with the impact of the young Vamp barreling into his stomach. Together, they both tumbled over one of the cathedral benches, landing in a confused, tangled heap on the floor.

The Prince stared blankly at the high ceiling, blinking once, twice, his mind buzzing insistently. What he believed was the after effect of hitting his head against polished cement flooring, was actually the newborn's powers taking temporary control of his mind and dulling his reflexes. In a split-second, a familiar black studded collar was snapped into place on the Prince's neck. With a cut off gasp of surprise, the dark Vampire's slitted pupils rounded, becoming perfect spheres. The dark irisis lightened to a vivid green, and his hair grew longer, spiking up in the back. His figure abruptly thinned, becoming more slender with fewer prominent muscles and a slimmer waist. His skin flushed with color, taking on a slightly tanned look.

With a cry of outrage, he pulled uselessly at the dark collar, squirming under the newborn's weight. A sharp shock from the collar halted his movements, and he gave up with a seething glare at the newborn. "Fucker!" Even his voice sounded different, more boyish, with the effects of a seventeen-year old boy just coming out of puberty. To him, it sounded weak and brittle, an insult to his true voice that resonated with power and control. But to others, to Humans, it sounded smooth, velvety, seductive. His Human Form was meant to lure Humans to him in a silent fashion of sexy display, but even then he resented using his Human Form, for above all else, he resented Humans.

"Take this damn thing off of me!" he snapped, pulling on the offending collar again. The newborn simply stared down at him with another smug grin. He dangled a second black collar in front of the Prince's face, watching the look of confusion flicker across his face with amusement. The collar was actually his, though how he managed to hide both from the Prince's attention was something only he himself knew.

"Don't. Even. Think. About. It," the Prince seethed between clenched teeth.

The young Vamp smiled with mock innocence. "Why not? You know how much I adore your Human Form," he teased, unclasping his own collar to put it on. The Prince's hands flashed out and snatched the collar from his hands, attempting to shove the Vamp away. But though he managed to grab the collar, he had no hope in pushing a Vampire off of him, newborn or not.

"Why can't you ever lighten up?" the Vamp complained. "You need something to loosen you up. I think I know just the thing..." Before the Prince could reply, he ducked his head down, pressing his lips hard against the fraud Human's. The Prince instantly fought back, his lips unresponsive as he still pushed against the Vamp's broad shoulders. But he was weaker in his Human Form, and no such wanted success came to him.

Sensing the Prince's stubborness, the young Vamp nibbled lightly on his lower lip, drawing a little amount of blood. He licked it away, keeping his tongue pressed against the tiny cuts to allow his venom to seep into the Prince's bloodstream. The dark Vampire inhaled sharply through his nose, already guessing the newborn's plans. Without a second thought, he bit the Vamp back, trying to cause pain.

The Vamp pulled back easily, a lazy smile on his face. "Well, well," he chided. "Was that a love bite I felt?"

The Prince felt his cheeks flush and tried to turn his head away, still furious. And pissed that he was blushing in his stupid Human Form, too.

One hand cupped his cheek, pulling his face back, and lips attacked his own again hungrily. The smell of the Prince's blood had nearly made the young Vamp lose it. Even with such a small amount of blood, it was still enough to make him crazy with Blood Lust. As if controlled by somebody else, he bit down again, letting his sharp fangs pierce the delicate flesh of the Prince's lips. Almost immediatly, the blood started to flow more quickly, urging the Vamp to suck instinctively.

The endorphines secreted in all Vampire venom raced through the Prince's blood, stimulating his pleasure zones. The intense feeling caused him to release a low, shuddering moan. This action involved the opening of his mouth, which the younger Vampire happily took advantage of. When a tongue brushed encouragingly against the Prince's, the dark Vampire did the only thing he could: he snapped the collar around the newborn's neck.

Caught by surprise, the young Vamp jerked away, cringing with his chin tucked against his chest as the almost instantaneous change took effect. His hair was the first thing to change, although not much had been done with it during his Vampire Transformation; his jet-black hair simply drifted across his face instead of over one eye in his usual hairstyle. It fell over his navy blue eyes, giving his enlongated lashes a feathery look. His jaw line softened and his cheeks flushed darkly, the permanent red blush being one of his appearance traits when he had been a true Human. His height dropped from his Vampire 6'1'' to his Human 5'7'', a drastic change. He, like the Prince, became slimmer, losing the strength and securing power of a Vampire. His wings, however, unlike the Prince's, stayed out, a downside to his Transformation.

When he had been Changed, his wings had been attached after the change, a most painful process. The wings were permanent in his Human form, but while in his Vampire form, he could retract them at any time he wished. And if his wings were retracted and he had changed to his Human form, the wings would be stored as part of his sustained powers in the collar around his neck, although it'd feel extremely uncomfortable.

Yet most Vampires praised him for his uniqueness of having wings while in his Human form. Though nearly all Vampires detested the Human race, some were fond of attractive Humans. And the young Vamp had been a highly attractive Human, indeed. With his added wings, a sure sign of Vampirism, it only made him all the more desirable by the Vampires.

Apparently, the Prince had been thinking the same thing. And it was something he'd hated. The young Vamp was his, and no one else's! "They all want you," he hissed, his hands drifting towards the Vamp's waist. The newborn was still slightly dazed after his Human transformation, the Prince's words barely making sense to him. He blinked rapidly, trying to focus his eyes. The Prince's fingers threaded through his belt loops, pulling him closer. "They all want you," he repeated, his eyes narrowing. "But they can't have you." He tugged the Vamp closer, shifting his leg so it was between the newborn's legs, causing the Vamp to lower his head in surprise. The Prince moved his head closer until their lips were millimeters apart. His warm breath caressed the Vamp's lips as he breathed his next words: "But you're mine!"

Mouths connected with a hungry desperation, all rational thought depleted. Hands grasped at hair, skin, anything to grab or touch in their firey passion. The Prince's blood that was still on his lips only made the kiss sweeter, heating everything with an unbearable fire. With a gasp, the Prince wrenched his head away, sweat beading his forehead. "Bite me," he breathed huskily.

"Bite me and make the heat go away." He turned his head to the side, revealing his smooth, slender neck.

The Vamp was already panting, his eyes drawn to the Prince's neck. Another addition to his Human form was his Vampire Instincts. While most Chosen Vampires became fully Human, he retained his Instincts, such as Blood Lust. His heightened sense of smell only made the Prince's offer even more tempting. With a split second of hesitation, he lowered his mouth to the older Vampire's neck, letting his lips brush against the tantilizing skin first. When he felt the Prince shiver, his tongue darted out, tasting the succulent flesh.

A low growl rose in the Prince's throat. "Just do it already," he rasped, pulling the Vamp's hips closer and pressing his knee into his groin. Startled by the sudden pleasure, the Vamp sank his fangs into the Prince's neck, the delicious blood coating his tongue.

A gasp of pain from the Prince then turned to a moan of pleasure as the newborn began to suck, drawing his blood out at an alarming rate. The Prince tipped his head back, hand knotting in the Vamp's hair to pull him tighter against his neck. His body clenched up instinctively, his knee pressing unintentionally harder against the Vamp's groin. The Vamp's back arched as he drove back against the Prince's leg, grinding desperately. The steady flow of thick, hot blood down his throat claimed his senses, overwhelming his mind with intense pleasure.

The Prince's constricting hand now pulled slightly on his head, starting to lean away. "Careful," he cautioned. "Slow down..."

But the Vamp was too far gone to stop, the pleasure taking over his body. "I...I can't...it feels so good..." His voice was slightly muffled, his fangs still imbedded in flesh.

His words sent a scarlett blaze across the older Vamp's cheeks, but the Vampire had years of experience and practice, and so had more control. In a quick and easy movement, he rolled the pair over so he was on top. The movement jostled them both, causing the Vamp to lose his grip on the Prince's neck. He started to raise his head to the blood again, but was stopped by the Vampire's finger against his lips. His questioning eyes followed the Prince's face as he lowered his head to the Vamp's neck, his tongue flicking out to sterilize the area with venom.

Understanding flowed through the Vamp and he turned his head away with anticipation.

The Prince chuckled, a low, throaty sound. "Always so eager," he whispered before plunging his sharpened fangs into the younger one's neck.

Although all Vampires could unsheathe their fangs while in their Human forms, none of them had Blood Lust like the young newborn. The Prince had no Blood Lust either, but ever since he'd Changed the boy, he'd seemed to have a preferred taste for his blood. However, now he was simply returning the Vamp's favor, deciding to pleasure the desirable newborn in his own way.

There was an uncomfortable sting when the older Vampire's fangs pierced the newborn's skin, but it quickly faded away as warmth blossomed in his center. Waves of pleasure crashed down on him, throwing him into a sea of fire. Everything was hotter, more intense, more good. So unbearable, but yet he couldn't seem to get enough. He groaned with barely suppressed impatience, arching his neck further to urge his partner on. The Vampire responded rashly, driving his knee hard against the newborn's groin. The Vamp gasped, trying to cringe away, but he was already flat against the ground, with no room to spare. A half-stifled whimper escaped his lips and he felt the Prince's lips curve up in a smirk.

Then the pressure was gone, only the steady flow of blood leaving the Vamp's body left. The newborn was about to close his eyes to enjoy it when the older Vampire's hips rolled down on his, enticing a pleasure so great that the Vamp cried out, eyes snapping open instantly. The moan provoked was such a raw, arousing sound that the Vampire above faltered in his steady pace of blood. To distract the Vamp, he grinded against him once more, shutting his eyes tightly against the wonderful feeling, and resumed drinking, though much faster than he had before, the fact unknown to him through the hazy pleasure he drifted in.

Bombarded by two feelings to intense, the Vamp was momentarily dazed, his dark eyes cloudy and distant. His mouth parted in a silent groan as the hips of his companion rolled and grinded against his arousal, his arms curling tightly around the Vampire's body, one around his upper back and the other encasing his waist, pulling his hips down in a rhythmic motion.

The Vampire's free hand was at the newborn's jeans in a second--the other one already tangled in the Vamp's raven locks--and the fly was undone even quicker. His brief glance downward sent a smile to his lips. "No undergarments?" he murmured, his eyes catching the dark rosy color accenting the newborn's cheeks. "You're always prepared, aren't you?"

His reply was a jerk of his partner's hips which sent the Vamp's arousal into the Vampire's waiting hand. Fingers curled slowly around the shaft, adding pressure and drawing out yet another moan. Skilled fingers massaged the sensitive tip, making the newborn raise his hips automatically, face scrunched up into an adorable expression.

Slowly, as not to alert the Vamp, the Prince drew his fangs from the newborn's neck, then slinked down the Vamp's bare chest, eyes locking in a lustful battle of obsideon flame. The Prince's tongue flicked out when he reached the newborn's abdomen, swirling his tongue sensually around his navel. He felt the stomach muscles jump under his ministrations and smirked to himself, resuming his agonizingly slow ascent down the teen's body until he reached his wanted destination. He heard the Vamp's gasp and felt his hips jerk again as his mouth closed upon the newborn's shaft, tongue teasing it in a sensual dance.

The young Vamp didn't even notice when his jeans were completely removed; all he could focus on was the pressure that was building in his lower abdomen. Then his eyes nearly rolled back into his head as he released a long moan at the wild sensation of the Vampire sucking on him, hands caressing his inner thighs. He thrust into the Prince's mouth, head tipping back and mouth parting in a panting groan of pleasure. Nothing had ever felt so good!

All the sounds that the teen was making was affecting the older Vampire, and he shut his eyes tightly, knowing he needed to find his own release soon. He dragged his fingernails up and down the inside of the Vamp's thighs and sucked harder, tongue pressing against the tip.

Groans turned to louder moans, louder moans turned to small cries of pleasure as the Vamp arched against his partner's mouth, his abandoned wings flaring out on either side of him. He gave one last, hard thrust and arched once more, his seed spilling into his companion's mouth. The Prince swallowed every last drop, licking his partner's shaft as though it were candy, and drew away, a satasfied grin on his dark, handsome face.

Hair disheveled, cheeks flushed, and chest heaving, the young Vamp was a sight to behold. The tips of his inky black wings were curled upwards, one of the many ways to tell that a Vampire was deeply satisfied. The Vamp's eyes fluttered open, long lashes brushing against crimson cheeks as he stared back at the Prince, a lustful look in his sapphire gaze. When he blinked slowly, the lust turned to a black hunger and the newborn turned his bloodied neck to the older Vampire, gazing intently at him.

In a millisecond, the Vampire had stripped from his jeans and leaned over the newborn, once more sinking glistening fangs into succulent flesh. As he drank, his arousal prodded at the teen's entrance, making the newborn gasp.

"D-don't you need to pre--?"

"Shhh," the Prince shushed him gently, withdrawing his fangs momentarily to speak. "Just focus on the pleasure and nothing else."

The Vamp, trusting his companion but still uneasy, leaned back, letting his head fall back against the polished concrete. The Vampire resumed feeding, but it wasn't nearly as good as before, what with the newborn's fear in the way.

Then the Prince pushed into him, feeling a little resistance due to the skipped step the teen had asked about. He entered all the way and settled for the young Vamp to adjust.

The poor newborn was taking in shallow breaths, tiny moans undercurrenting some. Tears had sprung to his eyes but he'd blinked them away furiously, not about to cry in front of his partner. He took in a deep, shuddering breath, then winced as the Prince shifted slightly. The older Vampire drew back his fangs, lips brushing lightly against the teen's ear. "Are you alright?"

"It...it h-hurts," he whimpered, cringing again and inhaling sharply. The Prince's pity was short-lived; sex was like combat to him: he never gave his opponent a drop of mercy, no matter the reason. But to soothe the Vamp's fear, he moved slowly at first instead of pumping desperately into him like a deranged lunatic going for blood.

Which he was...

The Vamp couldn't muffle his pained cry soon enough, uselessly trying to pull away. Now each breath was a moan of agony, all past thoughts gone save for the intense pain that seared up his invaded rectum. The older Vampire ignored him and increased his pace, one hand staying to massage his partner's shaft while the other fastened itself in his jet-black hair, keeping his head still while the Prince sank his fangs back into his neck to feed once more. He felt that he was becoming attached to the delicate flavour of his companion's blood, perhaps developing a personal Blood Lust for the teen. He felt slightly sympathetic for the young Vamp to have to take on so many things at once, but he had a feeling that the feisty newborn would do just fine. After all, he hadn't Chosen him for nothing.

Oblivious to the Prince's thoughts, the Vamp had found his way through the pain. It was fading now, turning to something darker and sweeter, something strong and mysterious...His thoughts were interrupted by a blast of pleasure deep down in his abdomen. He emitted a gasped moan, squirming under the older Vampire. As his partner thrust back in, burying himself to the hilt, he hit the same spot again, making the Vamp jerk and groan once more.

"Wh-what is that?" the newborn gasped, his body beginning to glisten with a light sheen of sweat. He raised his hips against his partner's, wanting to feel more.

"Prostate" was the older Vampire's abrupt answer as he slammed back into him again. The teen's eyes rolled back as he arched his body full against his companion's. He wrapped his legs around his partner's hips, pressing the two closer together. The pressure was building in his abdomen again, and the Prince's hand pumping up and down his hardened length did nothing to cool it. He was in a vortex of pleasure: the Vampire's erotic sucking on his neck, drawing his blood in a slow and sensual manner, his hand on his cock massaging the underside and the tip, the two most sensitive areas, and the older Vampire's own shaft driving into him, hitting that same pleasure spot over and over. His mind was hazy, uncomprehensible, his dark hair plastered to his head with sweat and the warm vapor in the air surrounding them from their shallow, quick breathing. His hips rocked against his partner's as they both moved in perfect unison, muscles flexing and straining, perspiration dripping from hair and skin. Even the Prince began to moan, his desperate need for release nearly unbearable. He moved even faster, his hand tightening in his partner's hair as he sucked harder, urging the Vamp to move with him.

To his surprise, he felt the newborn fasten his fangs into his shoulder and suck, sending a wave of pleasure through the older Vampire. His hands tightened on his partner's cock and the Vamp gasped; he'd nearly come just then.

Beginning to feel lightheaded from so much blood loss, the young Vamp thrust harder against the Prince, feeling his thighs clench with the first spasm. The Prince felt the spasm and knew the end was near. He pumped his hand harder, thrust faster, and sucked more, trying to overwhelm his partner with pleasure. And it worked.

With a sharp, muffled cry, the young Vamp came for the second time, burying his face against his partner's shoulder. His body clenched tightly, causing the Prince to come as well, creating a synced release. The older Vamp shuddered and collapsed on his companion, breathing hard. His teeth left his neck, licking at the smudged blood left on his skin, and he nuzzled his partner's neck, sighing.

The teen was panting as well, his breath forming small clouds of vapor in the cooling air of the cathedral. The storm had long passed, leaving the air stagnant in the Holy grounds. The passing clouds had dissipated, letting the moon flood the cathedral with watery light. It turned the young Vamp's wings to metallic flames of color beside him. He felt his partner shiver and he draped his silvery wings around him, wrapping them tightly against the two. He instantly felt warmer and snuggled against his handsome companion that lie on top of him, the weight making him feel secure and protected.

The Prince was still inside of him, nor did he plan on changing that position. He sighed once more, rubbing his nose against his lover's still-red cheek. "Je t'aime, Alexander..."

"Love you too...Akita..."

A small smile graced Akita's lips and he shut his eyes, completely content in his partner's arms--and wings.

Alexander sighed, his breath stirring strands of Akita's human hair. "Next time, I get to choose the role play. You're always so fucking violent." Though the words were harsh in their own meanings, he said them softly, his gentle tone taking out the hurtful edge.

Akita's quiet chuckle caressed his ears. "Whatever you say, Alex..."


This is a...well, spontaneous little piece that revolves around my story 'Vampire Blood,' and has two characters from it, Alexander and Akita. Akita hasn't been revealed in the actual story, however, but he gets s sneak peek here. He'd originally be more...dark and cold, but he has a "thing" for Alexander, so he's being his little "fuzzy bunny" self. Multiple personalities...Anyways, for those of you reading VB, I'm going to possibly rewrite it because I fucked something up in the plot and the story has had a "heart attack," or so to say. If it only had a "broken leg," I'd be able to fix it eventually and go on. But this has been bugging me nonstop and I can't figure out how to get around it. So sorry for those of you who had been enjoying it so far. I may or may not continue it. :( But this is a little treat for your patience in the long run.

There may be a few typos since I was doing this without spell check. I've only begun writing lemons, but…well, tell me how I did.