Midnight Song

The midnight song calls my name. It syncs with the beats of my heart, controlling my blood. The silver moon un-shields her veil and her light is poured around me. The drums of the stars begin, and the voice of the wind calls to me. Standing in this translucent dress, flowers in my let-down hair, my eyes closed, I raise my arms. First my hands move in rhythmic circles, then my arms, my feet pound the earth, my torso melting, my legs lift from the ground. I no longer think, I no longer feel. I am within this song. The song of the night.

I feel the moon smile, the stars are beating faster on their drums, I am dancing faster. I dance in the creek, across the meadows, fly in the air, I have no control. My feet pound the earth, my voice is called upon. The flute is blown into. I see the silver lady playing in the woods. A man in blue with a curved sword, a shield made with turtle shells, lead me in this dance. He takes my arms and swings me around the meadow. Our bodies together, always touching. Our feet takes the same steps, our arms move together. My heart is soaring.

Alas, oh no! The silver lady puts away her flute, the moon covers her face, the drums slow down. The man is blue looks me in the eye one last time before he fades within the creek. I see the golden eye raise above me, accusing birds flying towards me. I try to hide, I don't want them to see me. I'll stay in the shadows, I'll blend with the trees. The eye beats down on my back, once more his friends will abuse me.

Opening my eyes I awake from my midnight song.