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So these are three of my main characters from my NaNoWriMo story for this year, The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom (coming November 1). It's in a different galaxy (the Tsu-Min) on a different planet (Pukkon) with no humans. Just xenopuxes, which means "strange fox" and that's essentially what they are. Except they're not that furry. They just have the tails and ears and the paws for feet (their hands are smooth and slender with three digits). I should also mention that they, by nature, are telepathic and telekinetic.

"Meijah" is (in this chapter) a cry of exasperation and "frim" is like a synonym for "heck" or some other mild term. Also, "Raêl" is pronounced "rie-ELL" and "Qyan" is pronounced KEW-yen.

That's all.

First 'Pressions:

Sim Raêl

He wasn't entirely sure of this new house. It was so close to Klya, and big cities scared him to pieces ever since his sister lost him in Denryu on vacation last Arcus. But his mom had reassured him dozens of times that, "You'll like it here, Sim. You even have a bigger room where you can put your Mini Cruiser." Then she'd smile and ruffle his curly dark purple hair.

So now here he was, spinning around in his Cruiser, which as of then was his best and only friend. He had just done a series of loop-de-loops and was hovering upside-down when he saw a pair of bright orange eyes meeting his dark blue ones. And then, "Hi!"

Sim, caught by surprise, fell right out of the Cruiser, landing on his blue fox-like ear and his equally blue tail was caught under his leg. "Ow…" he mumbled, turning a purplish color from embarrassment. Nice first 'pression, Sim.

He looked up and saw another young xenopux who was the mirror opposite of him. Where Sim was sky blue, he was a bright yellow, and dark blue to a rich golden color when it came to their ears and tails. While Sim had dark purple hair, the boy had flaming red. They were as different as night and day- almost literally.

"M'name's Tig," announced the boy. He pointed over to a girl who couldn't have been anyone else but his sister and said, "An' that's my sister Tal."

Sim pushed himself up and looked beyond Tig's shoulder to see the little girl- Tal. She waved at him enthusiastically, but he didn't understand why she just didn't come over. As though reading Sim's mind- and he probably was- Tig explained, "She's not 'lowed to cross the street. She's still just four." He smiled and boasted, "I'm five. I'll be six next Veneris."

Sim said unsurely, "My name's Sim… I'm five." He frowned and rubbed the area near his ear. Something felt weird and sticky. His worst fears were confirmed when Tig gasped dramatically.

"Your ear's bleeding!" he shouted. Without a second thought, he grabbed Sim's wrist and dragged him across the road, yelling, "MOM MOM MOM MOM! MOOOOOM!"

Tal was not about to be left out, so she shouted after the two boys, "Wait for me!" She found her brother and the new boy standing in the living room where her mom had the Starship Neo news feed on the HT.

But instead of watching that, Miryl Qyan was struggling not to laugh at the now crying Sim and Tig shouting, "His EAR is BLEEDING! That's his HEAD! Is he gonna die? DON'T let him DIE, Mom!"

Tal sighed dramatically when nobody acknowledged her presence. "Hel-LO!" she yelled as loudly as she could with her hands in the air. When Mrs. Qyan was trying to calm Sim down and Tig kept bombarding her with questions, Tal did the only thing that she knew would guarantee attention. "MeiJAH! Why the FRIM won't you look at me?!"

The room fell silent. Even though "frim" wasn't technically a curse word, it wasn't something you'd expect a four-year-old to say. Tal smiled at how all eyes were on her and calmly walked up to Sim, whose eyes were still misty and his cheeks were steadily turning dark blue. "I'm Tal. What's your name?"

Pretty short, but I had fun. I'm thinking a little mini series about my main characters, including Kaye (the only human) and Kit (a chloromorphe... another explanation for another day).

Have some croissants. :)