Final installment before NaNoWriMo- "The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom," where you get to see these kids all grown up.

This last one is about Kit, age 11.

Whyrre-geong: A student learning defense and offense.


"WOAH!" Kit fell flat on her face and she wasn't one bit surprised. She had the worst time morphing in mid-air, which was exactly what Master Jhin was trying to teach her. She did fine on land, but that wasn't enough for her or for Master Jhin. She was going to be a soldier when she got old enough (five years, actually); she decided that. "Dad was a soldier, so I'm gonna be one too," she had told her parents.

"Whyrre-geong, can you tell me what your mistake was?" asked Master Jhin calmly. He was the one teacher who hadn't given up on Kit; all the other Masters in Jheshaïd had turned her out because of her temper.

Kit blushed dark green because she had gotten this lecture many times before. "Too much anger," she answered sadly. "I'm sorry."

Master Jhin nodded once. "Morphing should be a fluid motion." To demonstrate, the xanthomorphe gracefully jumped in mid-air, shape shifting into a dragon, flew around Kit once, and turned back into the wizened teacher that so definitely had unlimited patience.

"I'll try harder, Master Jhin," said Kit and there was such a look of determination in her dark green eyes that you could tell she was truly sincere. She took a deep breath and tried to jump as gracefully as Master Jhin, mentally picturing a sparrow, but again she dropped to the ground. She scowled at her inability to do something she was supposed to be able to do by now.

"There's your problem." Master Jhin helped her up and Kit felt immensely guilty to see a look of slight disappointment in her teacher's eyes. "Please return home and-"

Kit started to panic. "Are you going to stop teaching me?" she cried. "Please don't! I'll- I'll do better, I promise!"

Master Jhin smiled slightly, the wrinkles in his face very prominent. "It's that attitude that makes me sure you will be a great soldier when your time comes," he said, patting Kit on the shoulder. "What I want you to do is go home and meditate. Find someplace quiet. It will help."

Kit nodded, although she was thinking, Easier said than done.


"Kit Elein! Kit ELEIN! KIT ELEIN!"

Kit tried to drown her younger brother out, knowing that he was only trying to get on her nerves. Peace… peace… peace…

"Katam, leave her alone. She's trying to meditate." Ah, Keriel. Kit and Katam really looked up to their older brother and it made them sad that come Arcus, he was going to be leaving for a school on Pukkon to study to become a teacher. He never intended to be a soldier, and even if he did, he couldn't: Keriel was paralyzed from the waist down and was forever on a Semi-Cruiser.

Kit smiled to herself and took another deep breath. Peace… peace… peace…

She must have spent much more time than she thought she had because the next thing she knew, there was a knock at her door, making Kit's eyes flutter open. Lei Maleijh stood outside the door. "Kit, it's time for dinner," she said. "You've been in here all afternoon."

Kit smiled sheepishly. "Master Jhin told me to meditate, so I meditated." She and her mother were surprised to hear how calm and tranquil Kit sounded, and that's when Kit knew that come her next lesson, she was going to fly.


Master Jhin seemed to have noticed the change in Kit's demeanor because when she came in the next day, he started smiling and noted, "You've been meditating."

Kit nodded. "All afternoon yesterday," she asserted. "I even blocked out Katam, and that wasn't easy at first. But I did it!" She smiled broadly upon seeing the look of pride Master Jhin was casting upon her.

"Would you like to try the Air Shifting again?" he asked and wasn't surprised to see Kit nod enthusiastically. He made a motion to the center of the room.

Kit took a few moments to compose herself, Peace… peace… peace… She closed her eyes, but not tightly, and pictured a canary. She jumped, focusing on that little canary and…

She was flying.

So the next time you see them (should you choose to read "The Wonderful World of Imminent Doom"), they're going to be all grown up (at least by their societies' standards). :)

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