I drove home immediately after that, in a sour mood. If Dave kissing me, then me fainting in his arms, then he appearing at the concert out of town isn't enough, I don't know what is. My phone rang continuously on my way home, first from Adrian then by an unknown number. If my guess is right, Dave somehow squeezed my number out of Adrian. Damn that sneaky brat.

He's just so weird. When I first met him, he was cocky and arrogant, thinking he had the whole world in his hands. Well, he had the whole of SHS in his hands, except me. I will never ever succumb to him, ever. Then he kissed me today. When he did so… he was gentle, and nice. Even after that, he remained a nice person to me.

Until he decided that he should show up at the Swish concert, and ruin my day with more of his cocky comebacks. I gripped the steering wheel tighter, imagining that it was Dave's neck I was choking. The house came into sight soon, and my grip relaxed too, as all thoughts of Dave slowly drained themselves.

As I got out of my car and walked up the path to the front door, I heard two voices shouting at each other. Actually, make that one shouting and one screaming. I quietly opened the door and kicked off my shoes, following the voices. No, it couldn't be… was that my mother and Dad arguing in the kitchen?!?!

"Anna, what are you doing here?!" I hissed, glaring at her. Like I said, I never use endearments for my mother. It was always 'Mother' before the divorce and 'Anna' - her name - after the divorce. My parents stopped bickering and turned to look at me. Anna smelt of alcohol and looked so different from when I last saw her, a week or two ago.

Her hair was now short, and dyed a bright orange, with pink highlights. She was wearing… ugh, was what she was wearing even considered as clothes? She stumbled a little, hanging onto a chair at the dining table. "Marissa, don't you ever dare call me Anna!" she screeched, her eyes murderous.

I folded my arms, leaning against the door frame, staring hard into her eyes, to prove that I wasn't the least bit afraid of her. "And what? Call you Mum? Never! You were never a good mother to me anyway!" I shouted back defiantly. "Marissa…" Dad said in a low, warning tone, though I could tell he wasn't disagreeing with me either.

"Marissa Lake! I am your mother, and I am going to take you back home!" she screeched, her words beginning to slur. I sighed, and maintained my hard gaze on her. "Anna, you may have given birth to me, but you never treated me as your daughter. So, in return, I'll never treat you as my mother, but as Anna, the woman who happened to give birth to me, the end."

"You are drunk too, how can you ever take care of me in such a state? Dammit, you look like a hooker and you're in a relationship with a guy who's thirteen fucking years younger than you!" I shouted at her, anger filling me. How she could do this to me, I don't know. But that definitely proved she never even did care about me, at all, nor did she care for Dad.

"SHUT UP, MARISSA LAKE! I am your mother, so don't you dare talk to me like that, ever!" My mother screeched back at me. What happened next happened so fast. She charged toward me, going quite straight for a drunkard wearing four-inch heels. I didn't have time to dodge her attack, and tumbled to the ground as she hit me.

She looked at me, her eyes cold, hard, murderous. Then her hand connected with my cheek, causing an indescribable pain to surge through me, before both hands went around my neck, choking me. I flailed my arms and legs, trying to push off the bitch, as I felt my windpipe constrict. More and more energy was draining out of me, and I struggled to keep my eyes open and maintain consciousness.

I could faintly hear Dad shouting and felt my mother's body being flung off to me. A thud followed, and my mother was shouting at Dad, calling him all sorts of profanities I had never heard her use before, demanding he let her get to me. Pain was swelling up in my throat and my chest, and I felt lifeless. Black spots danced around in my vision, and things were clear one minute, and blur the next.

I gripped the door frame and tried to hoist myself up, but fell back flat onto the floor, hitting my head lightly on the tiles. Breathing hard, the black spots in my vision became larger and larger, before swallowing everything I could see into a lifeless black, the sound of "Police!" fading into the background.

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