A/N. You can read this one of two ways. You can read it in a two-column system, or across, whichever suits your fancy. The second column of words was meant to be over more towards the middle of the screen, but FP formats won't let me do that. So use your imagination a wee bit. (:

(burning) cheek (mind)dank
(named) freak (lost) rank
(rotten) reek (heart) sank

(abandoned) schemes (bitter) fate
(dead) dreams (can't) wait
(torn) seams (blind) hate

(all) alone (no) saving
(nowhere's) home (stop) craving
(silent) phone (mad) raving

(unforgiving) devastation (horrific) arrangement
(feeling) starvation (blind) amazement
(stark) immolation (lonely) encagement

It's all part of the
(Grand) Derangement