The stars are bright tonight, love,

Wheeling through time and space.

We'll ride the silver horses, love,

Star-stunned shards of lace.


Through quasars and winking nebulae,

Flashing diamonds bright.

Merry-go-round overdrive,

Our soaring souls in flight.


We'll find Venus in her golden girdle,

Mars in his scarlet shell.

Andromeda combs her aqua hair

Where pungent Pleiades dwell.


Then wing ourselves past quantum seas

And beaded velvet skies.

We'll ride the flux and lumen waves,

Our dark and burning eyes.


My tears will be your pillow,

My words your heady wine.

The stars will shine our stellar love,

Those winking silver shrines.


And if we bit the sun, my love,

What would our horses say?

If we could fix the static stars,

Dim the jewelled lamps grey?


And if our souls should shatter,

Go nova in the dark,

Like lights on city windows:



I'll stand you on the Northern Star,

Goddess of glitter sand.

And you'll ride the silver horses, love,

Constellations in your hand.