Some days the world makes sense to me

Some days the world makes sense to me

Some days I wake up in the arms of somebody I love, and everything seems right. The world comes into focus, there is this sense of clarity.

Most days the world is blurry. I stumble around, I stutter just trying to say "good morning," I trip over my own feet.

I contradict myself a lot but I don't lie. I don't ever lie, I am honest, I am true, I am pure, I am real. But some days what's real changes. I say what I feel, but what I feel changes. Some days I feel different and I say different things but it's all fucking real and it's just me

When the world is out of focus, reality seems especially subjective, and ever-changing. But sometimes that's okay. Nothing is final, but it's going to be fine. My sentences can't start with "always," they start with "sometimes." Because everything changes.

Some days I'm madly in love with everybody I know, some days I'm so desperate for somebody new that I would go spend my life with the next stranger who smiles at me.

Don't hold me to what I said or felt yesterday, I maintain the right to change my mind. About anything and everything, at any time and at all times. The world changes and so do I.

I don't understand you, saying and doing the same thing every day, believing in what you do and knowing why. How can you be sure? Don't you ever wonder? Doesn't everything ever just seem so wrong? Do you just ignore those mood swings, those changes of heart, and stick to what you know in your head is right?

I don't trust my head, I trust my heart. I trust what I feel. I don't need logic or explanations.

Most days the world is blurry. No black and white, just shades of gray. No clearly defined lines, everything kind of blends together.

You say I need glasses but I say my world is beautiful.