I was falling deeper than I thought I would

In this hole

A hole of darkness

My body seperating from my soul

I wish someone could save me

A knight in shining armour slaying the darkness covering me

All I can do is wait and wait

But all i am is just falling even further to be

Wish to be with everyone.

My family, my friends

I want happiness and love

But i will never get that again

After all I messed up everyone's lives

I should only get




Or maybe I should get nothing at all

I feel nothing

Teardrops are falling from my eyes

They are falling into the darkness

I cant see them but only to feel them

Running away from everything wont solve the problem

I should go

Go back to where it all started

Whats going on?

Have I reached the end of the darkness?

Where am I?

I opened my eyes

I see a scenery with people in black

Crying is what I see

I saw my mom and dad

Reaching out for them was what I did

But I couldnt touch them

I looked straight ahead of myself

Only to see a picture of me in a frame

On top of a coffin

I am invisible

My life was taken

Author's notes: This poem I made was complety random. I was trying to think of a story to write but maybe I'll just write poems just for fun